Dyson DC25 Animal

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Dyson DC25 Animal
Price: $199.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at The O


TONS of reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at walmart.com


Let’s check out a video [youtube=l6WbISzaqz4][/youtube]

I am using my pink (breast cancer foundation) DC25 since 2009, and I am still loving it.

5 years has passed and it needed 3 parts that broke: Hose assembly, beater bar cover and beater bar.

The hose connector came off one day when I pulled it, the beater bar stopped spinning and the cover came off. All of those covered by Dyson, and parts received in like 3 days.

I would recommend this vacuum.

So does this refurbished unit come with Dyson’s full guarantee?

Product page says 6 months.

Says Dyson 6 month warranty. :frowning:

Unless those broke in the first 6 months, you’d be out of luck if you had bought it on this sale. I still think 3 somewhat important parts breaking in 5 years is a lot given the price of these things. I have cheap Bissels that have been going 8 years and only needed a belt once a year or so.

Not seeing it under $259 refurb elsewhere. Other Dyson went out last week and would be $140 to repair. Maybe dumb buying another Dyson but this looks like good price one with good reviews. Roll the dice on refur.

I bought a DC14 refurb from Woot in 2007 and it is still going, despite my abusing it pretty badly.

Works great. Although now that it is 7 years old, it does have an occasional squealing noise. It still works well on dirt, so haven’t replaced it yet, the ball thing seems like it might be nice to have, so every time one of these comes up I kind of want to pull the trigger on one.

I’m a little annoyed that the cord length on the newer models is quite a bit shorter (around 10 feet I think).

Ugh. Dyson has an unlimited amount of refurbs to dump on various sites because people keep sending the broken ones back.

I’ve had a Hoover bagless for four years and not a thing has gone wrong yet. My ex took my old Hoover I had for six or seven years and she still uses it to this day with never an issue.

My current gf has a Kenmore canister that works perfectly and the only problem we ever had was when someone dropped it down some steps and cracked the plastic case (an easy repair with some epoxy).

The point is, a well built vac should last more than five years without breaking. It shouldn’t be something to brag about… it should be standard practice.

As to performance, Dyson’s have never rated very well on Consumer Reports or via head to head testing. If you want ultimate performance, buy a Meile. If you want performance marginally better than a Dyson, buy a Shark, LG, Samsung, or Hoover.

Dyson isn’t a bad machine, but they aren’t worth the pricepoint paid when they are new. The price for a refurb is reasonable for what you get… but with only a six month warranty, why not spend the same amount of money on a new vac from a different brand that is a proven performer?

James Dyson is good at one thing - marketing. Of course all of those print ads and commercials cost a lost of money which explains why he has to charge $550 for a vacuum that performs no better than a $200 model.

I have to disagree with the above. Have you actually tested your current model vs. a Dyson in terms of suction power? You should vacuum your whole house with your Bissell and then go over it with a Dyson. I guarantee you that you will get a full bin of stuff. Dyson actually works and has amazing customer service. TOTALLY worth the money!

I agree with dealsfordays. We purchased our DC25 new from Kohls during a Black Friday 2011 event, in which it was $200 after Kohls cash. I happened to have recently brought in my Dyson to a authorized shop, and they replaced the beater bar, and its asembly, the canister, and the hoses that connect the cyclone to the beater bar.

It is as good as new, given the fact I ordered replacemtn filters, since they appeared not to wash too well anymore.

I would buy this vacuum at this price point new, but not used. The DC47 I think is a cordless stick vacuum that has a different beater bar brush, that agitates the carpet even better, and also picks up the micro particles that leaves a haze on hardwood floors. Now that would be an intriguing purchase, rather than this.

AGREED!!! I just replaced my “cheap Bissell” with a DC25. That Bissell had poor suction, ridiculous filtration system with an expensive non-washable HEPA filter, and was just plain DIRTY to use. Two weeks into our DC25, and I can’t believe I ever endured that piece or garbage Bissell. So far, very happy with the DC25’s performance.

We bought the refurb DC25 here on Woot in May of 2012 for $250, and it’s still running strong. The only thing that has happened to it was the on/off switch wouldn’t click to stay on when you pushed it. A quick fix by taking that assembly apart and finding the spring somehow got out of place (just had to put it back in place). I would definitely recommend this for $200

waited a few minutes too long to make my decision. sold out!

Actually yes - I did compare a Dyson (two in fact) to my current Hoover. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, so I borrowed a friend’s vac.

The Dyson did pick up some dirt my Hoover missed so I should be impressed right? The problem is, I then went back over the same area again and found my Hoover picked up even more the Dyson missed. You can go back and forth for quite some time but ultimately I found the Hoover did a better job on carpet… which happens to be the same experience Consumer Reports had.

Some time later I had a friend who moved into a new house and I brought over my vac for them to use until they bought one (they had a cheapo they didn’t bother moving). They used my Hoover and a few days later purchased a $500+ Dyson canister vac. Problem is, they found out it didn’t do as good of a job with actual dirt and in their words “felt cheap”. They opted to not return it, but sold it on Craigslist some time later. They now own a Hoover and haven’t complained since.

I understand people love their Dysons… but just read these comments and see how many people have had to replace parts - and yet they still claim they are good vacs? I my mind, a good vac doesn’t require warranty service or replacement parts in the first five years aside from bags (not applicable to bagless vacs), possibly a filter if they don’t use lifetime filters, or a belt if they aren’t beltless or gear driven.

When brushes and plastic pieces are breaking and wearing out - that isn’t a sign of a quality machine IMO.

I think everyone needs to remember that there are many different series of Dyson’s out there and they all have different pros and cons. I just got my DC25 and it is for sure easier to push than my DC07 (Woot 2008), but the DC25 has no where near the suction power that my DC07 has. We are keeping the DC07 upstairs for the bedrooms and the DC25 downstairs for the living areas, stairs, and furniture.

Now just too bad it appears one of the filters is missing on the DC25. I started taking it apart today to check all of the pieces and noticed there is no filter in the top of the dust canister. Waiting to hear back from Woot Support to see how to get that resolved.

A couple of notes comparing the DC07 to the DC25.

  • DC25 is easier to maneuver around
  • DC07 has far stronger suction
  • DC07 has a single HEPA filter that does not require cleaning
  • DC25 has two filters which require cleaning every 3 months
  • DC25 is far quieter than the DC07
  • DC25 is lighter than the DC07