Dyson DC25 Animal

**Item: **Dyson DC25 Animal
Price: $229.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Dyson DC25 Animal
Price: $229.99
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at The O


TONS of reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at walmart.com

Let’s check out a video [youtube=l6WbISzaqz4][/youtube]

Heeeeey, I actually own this!

I broke down and bought this after I moved out to an apartment and realized my roommate didn’t have a single usable vacuum cleaner.

It’s been a workhorse during the past year. Nothing’s broken. Came with Animal attachment, too, which I am not entirely sure is very effective. But for an upright, it’s light and maneuvers nicely, especially with the ball. Using the extension wand is kind of a pain, though, if only because the tube it’s connected to reeeeeeeeally wants to contract while you’re trying to stretch it so that you can get to, say, a windowsill. And since it doesn’t have adjustable suction, you need to be careful when dusting off the fabrics, like a curtain.

But it’s a workhorse! It’ll serve you well, as long as you care enough about it to empty the canister often, wash filters every 3 months or so, and clear out the hair on the roller occasionally.

Gah!!! I wish I had the money set aside to get this! This would be great for my roommates and I since there are three kitties running about.

I wish I could say that I like Dyson vacuum cleaners but to me they are cheaply built. Good suction but the wand and attachments are very cheap. For the money my suggestion would be to buy a good used Filter Queen. I did and am very happy with the system. They are great machines but too expensive to buy new. Sorry Dyson, just my 2 cents.

Some assume because it is made of plastic not metal that it isn’t sturdy and will break. It couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is made of practically indestructable plastic while not being heavy as a metal vac is!

Have this exact model and love it, hands down the best vac I ever owned. Since my wife sheds more than our dog (love ya honey), I really appreciate how easy it is to remove and clean the rollers. This was a major event previously that is now a 2 minute task.

Also great for my allergies, with almost no contact with debris during use.

Highly recommend.

So why are there so many REFURBISHED Dyson’s if they are so great? They are ALWAYS on woot. Thousands of them. Seems to me that a company focused on quality would get less then 1% returns…

I have one of these, purchased brand new a year ago. The brush keeps turning off. I’ve cleaned it and nothing. Looked on internet for solution and there isn’t any. Lot of people have the same problem.

call 1866-my-dyson. it may be a bad reset switch, the wire controlling the brushbar may be damaged, or there could be hair buildup in the bearings for the brushbar.

amazon has a lot of their products refurbished on their own. probably due to their very forgiving return policy on misused and user-damaged products.
woot is owned by amazon. this is where they unload the stuff they got back and can’t sell on their normal website. they want to avoid dissatisfied customers due to badly refurbished products. (every refurbished product I’ve ever purchased on woot was improperly repaired. EVERY ONE. One usb-powered battery actually swelled up and burst during charging. I thoroughly blame woot for that.)

I recently bought a refurbished Dyson DC25 Animal (on Amazon), and I absolutely love it. I had vacuumed the floor with my old vacuum just two days before the Dyson came. I had to empty the Dyson out twice because it picked up so much more dirt, and that was just the four rooms downstairs. The hose is easy to get to without constantly being in the way. Definitely the best upright vacuum I’ve ever owned.

I am going to have to jump in here and play devil’s advocate.

Consumer Reports doesn’t list a single Dyson upright or canister on their top rated list.

Unfortunately it is behind a paywall:
or go view the magazine at your local library.

My own experience with Dyson was very negative. It was a roommate’s vacuum. The vaccum leaked at all the hose connection points.
When I needed to use it the brush wouldn’t turn. Customer support told me that they couldn’t sell me a belt. They told me you have to go to a Dyson service center, because a normal person couldn’t change the belt “unless you are an engineer.” So I just took it apart and fixed it without their help.

Ordered a Dyson DC25 Animal about a year ago or so (refurbed) from woot and no issues to date. I have a dog and 2 cats. Easy to clean the fliters and has a switch to do wood or carpet. I can’t say it picks up much more than my previous Kenmore or Hoover, but is lighter and moves better. I would recommmend it.

We have owned a Dyson Animal for 7 years with no problems what so ever.

We bought into the Consumer Reports hype and purchased another of their “top” recommended vacuums. We used it for a year and it was terrible. We finally for tired of it and traded it for the Dyson, which also wasn’t recommended back then by CR.

We had to empty our Dyson twice on the first use after the “top” vacuum from CR was used.

Our vacuum is still working after all these years using it at least once a week, but we want to upgrade for the smaller head size and better technology.

We might be in for one!

I’ve had a Dyson 07 I bought on here Refurbished 7 years ago and it’s still running like the day I bought it. Wife did break the bottom latch on the bin, so we just have to be careful with that. But 7 years, in my 4 years of college I went through 4 other brand vacums and used it WAY less than my Dyson. Think I will grab one of these just to have it for if or when my 07 goes. This is a much nicer unit and a great price.

Eh. The Dyson I bought from Woot wasn’t this one, but it was a refurb. It’s never worked well.

Customer Service for Dyson has been great - or at least friendly, if not entirely helpful. In the end (after third call and hours on the phone/hold), they recommended that I take the rubber seal off the bottom of the vacuum to reduce suction. This eliminated the problem, but also seriously reduced the vacuum’s suction.

Meh. It’s okay. But I won’t buy another Dyson.