Dyson DC25 Multi-Floor Vacuum - 2 Colors

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Dyson DC25 Multi-Floor Vacuum - 2 Colors
Price: $179.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Jul 14 to Tuesday, Jul 15) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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7/11/2014 - $179.99 - 32 comment(s)

I just named my new wifi network “pretty fly for a wifi” and I can’t stop giggling.

I have one of these, refurbished, purchased from a Non-Woot vendor. It’s best for smaller residences like an apartment or a condo as the cleaner head is on the small side as is the dirt and dust bin. It’s very light weight and if you didn’t know it was refurbished, you wouldn’t know that it’s refurbished.

And needless to say the ball steering techology is very cool.

Woot has great products at great prices. I’ve been a member for many years. Unfortunately, when something defective gets sent out, you are stuck. There is NOTHING you can do. I have 6 case numbers, and I’ve PM’d Thunder Thighs. I’ve called Amazon. No luck. I’ve made my last purchase from Woot. And I’m not buying anything else from Amazon until this is fixed.

I bought one of these refurbed from Woot a few years back. Indistinguishable from new. Works really, really well. Agree on the above comment about the smaller head size and small dust bin size, would also state that the cord could be longer. That being said, man, this thing picks up dust out of a carpet like nobody’s business.

Snagged one. Our Bissel just blew up and I’m sick of wasting $80 every other year. A friend of mine had a dyson for 10+ year and swears by it. This after watching the infomercial for that Shark vacuum thing - almost bit on that one too.

My current POS vacuum just blows everything everywhere (apparently, this is how it works normally based on google searches). How is the thing for pet hair and laminate flooring? Is it worth the $180 I just can’t comprehend spending over $100 on a vacuum. Maybe there is something I’m missing.

Does this improve your quality of life?

Is it bad the wootbot only has 14 quality posts?

The belt on my old vac broke today after smoking every time we used it for a month. The wife wants a new vac instead of a $5 part.

You win this time woot.

As a Dyson owner (not this model), I can tell you your wife will be a very happy lady when this shows up.

I actually called my mom and told her I’d have vacuumed more as a kid/teen, without putting up a fight, if she’d have had a Dyson. Just my $0.02.

i finally bought 1, after years of relentless marketing. i’m in for 1! lol

Anyone else get theirs yet? Mine looks like it wasn’t even refurbed. Looks like they took a return after a year and threw it in the box and sold it to me. I already sent an email in to woot. Hopefully they will take care of me.

Sorry to hear that. I received mine, and it looks brand new. Haven’t taken it for a test drive yet, but very pleased with first impressions.