Dyson DC25 Multi-Floor Vacuum - Yellow

The specs tell me that the cockroaches and spiders I’ve sucked up that have lived have survived 500Gs. They almost deserve to live.


Good thing they have Dysons back, I was starting to worry.

OK - so why do these have only a 6 month warranty when the standard warranty is 5 years? No battery in these…

Cheaper refurbs on Amazon.

Really? A link, or it’s BS. Nobody that I see has a factory recertified DC25 for even close to $180.

When you buy new, you are really paying for $179 for the vacuum, and the rest pays for the warranty - they just lump it all together for the ‘retail price.’ lol Here, you are buying the vacuum, but are skipping paying for much of a warranty.

I am convinced that Dyson sells more refurbs than new vacuums.

This was on Woot a few days ago for the same price. If has 220 AirWatts of sucky power. The DC41 has 235. It was on Amazon a few days ago for ~$225. Both of these are pretty good deals because you get the core vacuum at a refurb price. The more expensive versions like the Animal or the Complete have the same machine core but have attachments.

If you want to convert this to an Animal model you just need to buy the Tangle Free Turbine attachment which lists for ~$100 but is available for a lot less if you look around (amazon, ebay, etc…)

True, but I’ve had mine repaired twice under warranty and both times the experience was pretty flawless. Pay for what you get IMHO.

I have had 2 Bissell Cleanview units for 6 years and only had to replace belts due to operator error. One was found on the curb and needed to be cleaned up, the other I paid $120 for new. They both work great and are much cheaper. I don’t need a 5 year warranty on something I could replace every 18 months for 5 years and have paid the same price in the end.

I have no doubt they’re good vacuums, I just don’t see the draw. You didn’t exactly convince me given that you had to have 2 repairs done in less than 5 years for something that costs that much/ is supposed to be higher quality than the rest of the pack.