Dyson DC25 Upright Ball Purple Vacuum

here’s the killer

Must… maintain… bladder control… woots… coming… too fast!!!

Is this a good gift for my wife for Christmas?

Great deal. These are 400-600 for refurbished.

the internet police should be giving woot! a ticket for speeding today

Better purple ball than blue ball syndrome

Hey ! I was first !

Not like the umbrellas killed anything…

My lady absolutely LOVES her Dyson… They REALLY suck!

Buy the Dyson…it’s the new Roomba!

Yes… and add an exercise bike too. She’ll love it.

tempting…i love my slim 17 dyson…might need another one?

bought this a while back from Woot, love it! I can’t beleive how much dirt was still in my house even after using a regular vacuum all the time.

Ooo, I have this model of Dyson. It ROCKS for cleaning up pet hair! Never had any issues with it either. I’m not sure if this comes with the motorized attached, but if not pick one up. I use it all the time for furniture, small cleanup jobs, etc.

Worth every penny and then some.

I was a wife. Most of us prefer personal gifts. If it were my call, I’d be a man, buy it for myself, and vacuum FOR her. She’ll pay you back with really great unmentionables…

Unmentionables are unmentionable in my house, vaccuum or not.

All right, that was funny. I’ve only been not a wife since April, so I don’t laugh much. Thanks for the giggle!

Might try some of the products at wine.woot.com.

Can someone please tell me what the cost of this was. I just purchased one on Black Friday and want to know if I missed out on a great deal today.

I am very curious myself.