Dyson DC25 Upright Ball Vacuum

The reviews are always good for Dysons. Here’s the ALatest reviews link.

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Got one of these on Black Friday last year, great purchase

I just bought a vacuum 2 hours earlier. Dunno which is best:

Is purple the animal?

I purchased this previously… being a IT nerd its hard to get me excited about anything that has to do with house cleaning. but!!! I love this thing. It realy cleans deep into the carpet. its super easy to maintain. definiatly a 10 out of a 10…

After Vacuuming with my previous vacuum and only picking up a little, I am sold because then using my parents Dyson ball I ended up having to empty the cannister twice for my 3 bedroom condo. And yes the old vacuum was working properly.

The dyson one is better… the pivot wheel makes the difference.

Is there a difference between the two besides the color?

YouTube videos:


Dyson DC25 Animal versus Oreck XL Gold

Basic Review

all floors or animal? Hmm. On the Dyson website purple is animal and yellow is all floors…but who really knows. The difference seems to be the “mini turbine head” accessory.

“Quantity Breakdown
* 100% bought 1”

Looks like Woot’s suggestion isn’t working out too well yet. Let’s hope future buys will be closer to but not exactly 3.

I wish I had the cash for this. Damn, this thing is sweet!

I’ve herd its not polite to buy a woman a vacuum cleaner as a gift, BUT at least it will be purple… haha.
Bought one for my mother. Hopefully she will get the hint.

I had one and I loved it while it worked. Rather than using a belt to drive the beater brush, this vac has a small seperate motor (in the housing in front of the ball) to drive the brush. I learned the hard way that these tend to fail…

no. same model

That’s correct. Mrs. Two used to sell them, and the accessories (and color) are the only differences between the models.

Has anyone had experience with a refurb? I’m a little worried about the 6 month warranty. That sounds short to me, especially for a refurb.