Dyson DC25 Upright Ball Vacuum

I have one, I love it and I paid a lot more for it

Dyson’s are overpriced hype. Kind of like the Apple of the vacuum world. I have a windtunnel that was $100 less than this that destroys a dyson. Plus it was rated #1 by consumer reports, this was not. Look elsewhere.

with the proper amount of suction.

Great machine. My family uses this and it has great power and suction. It’s never had any problems.

It was purchased from a big box retailer and I would buy another Dyson off the internet without seeing it.

Dyson makes great products and this one is no exception.

Last two woots of the year incorporate balls prominently in their design. A reference to the Times Square ball drop?

BTW Woot, what I want is a Pro-Team TailVac. Only I am too cheap to pay full price.

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I have the same one, same price from Woot. I like it a lot but I’m no vacuum expert.

Queue the “Dyson Sucks - in a good way” attempts at humor.

Frankly, Dyson is build upon marketing hype and not performance, which probably explains why a $70 vac has been rated higher (much higher in fact) on head to head Consumer Reports reviews several times. One has to wonder if they are so great and so reliable then why do we see refurbished Dysons for sale on Woot every other week?

This pretty much says it all: The Red Pushpin: James Dyson Sucks

So this is the part where Dyson owners come out of the woodwork and tell us how great these are compared to their old (insert brand name here) vacs and how Consumer Reports is unscientific or biased etc, etc, blah blah.

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It’s a Dyson, so of course the reviews are good. 4.7 stars is the average on Buzzillions.

Edit: someone above me got product website.

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Let a family member use my $140($80.00 online) Eureka while their Dyson was being fixed they use to be “Dyson elitists” until my “cheap piece of junk” picked up more than their Dyson ever had. They found stuff in the canister that had been spilled on the carpet almost a year before that their Dyson had left the entire time they had used it.

They sold their Dyson and bought the same Eureka they borrowed from me and actually still had money left over though still a loss thanks to the initial price of the Dyson to begin with.

Dyson = all hype for people that have more money than brains.

Lol. Me too!

This is a good deal, as this was recently $299 (refurbished) at Fry’s. On x-mas eve, I bought the DC17 refurb at Fry’s for $199. It’s insanely powerful. We had our carpets professionally cleaned a month ago and the Dyson pulled so much dirt out of the carpet that we were truly amazed. We didn’t even vacuum half of a small room and the amount of stuff that came up is just awesome.

Edit: I’ll also add that the DC17 is more powerful than our previous vacuum which ranked #7 of 36 on a previous consumer reports comparison.

I’ve had an Oreck XL for 15 years. Change the bags when needed and the belt every few years and it still performs like new. Incredibly light, very powerful. Transitions from carpet to hard floor automatically. The small handheld is excellent, too. If I ever do have to buy another vacuum, it will be another Oreck.

Is it true that using a Dyson on some carpets will cause your carpets warranty to be null and void?

What’s the model? and does it use bags? That’s a deal breaker for me if it does. The belt driven ones are even more annoying. I have a Dyson and it works pretty good. But I would never pay full retail price for one. Refurbished is the way to go if you want to be a Dyson owner. The one I picked up off here a couple years ago is still working great.

I’m concerned about the 6 month warranty. Anyway to extend that?