Dyson DC25 Upright Ball Vacuum



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Dyson DC25 Upright Ball Vacuum
$289.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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More Vacuums, yay.


Guess they ran out of blue ones yesterday and found a few more yellows hiding in the warehouse…

Buy 3 so we can get to the Roombas!


would write a review, but the yellow one that I bought yesterday hasn’t showed up yet. :\


There was only 2, so I guess buying three was out of the question. lol


the difference between ‘new msrp’ and the price of this item can easily be attributed to this item’s condition: refurbished.



Man, that’s crazy…must really hurt…


Let’s get some of the common questions out of the way from the last time this popped up.

It works well on linoleum and any other flooring besides deep shaggy carpeting (the shaggy carpet can jam the brush head but you can turn that off).

Seems to be very well thought out, to use the hose for example the handle actually pulls out and becomes the wand that you attach to the hose for extended reach.

Seems flimsier than it actually is, mine has held up very well.

Very good suction for the size, this really doesn’t take up a lot of space. Standing upright it needs a little more floor space than a pair of boots (disclaimer: I wear size 13).

The ball actually does make a difference. I always wrote it off as a gimmick but I will admit the vacuum “navigates” much better than any other I’ve used.

I’m no vacuum expert but I’m quite happy with mine, nothing bad to say about it.

Edit: Wow, there they go. Thought this was going to kill the woot-off for a good while but they had a lot less than I figured.