Dyson DC25 Upright Ball Vacuum

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Dyson DC25 Upright Ball Vacuum
$249.99 + $5 Standard OR $22 Two-Day OR $25 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Enough of these vacuums!

30 Seconds in and not one “This thing sucks” comment? I’m impressed.


The unofficial poll question:

How many people DON’T own a Dyson yet? I’ll start–I’m one.

many woots, typically $249.99, and here’s June woot, for example:

back to work, good night.

Got one of these the last time Woot had them (our existing suck-tool just wasn’t doing the job…). I do not regret the purchase for a moment.

Basic Video review.

We see these on Woot a lot, but i finally pulled the trigger last time.

For anyone on the fence… it may cost a lot, but it sure gets the job done. Genius design… push a button to get the rubbish canister out of the vacuum, hold the canister over the garbage, press the same button, and the bottom falls open, letting it all out. Amazing cleaning power - So much actual dirt/dust particles in my canister - never seen a vaccum do that.

A “Ball” vacuum… Seriously?

Man, golfers are a weird bunch.

My brother has one and I have used a few times. Great little vacuum with plenty of suction power. Light and very nimble too. And the design, it is way beyond your average house vacuum: nothing is wasted.

I really need a vacuum…threw mine in the trash 2 weeks ago in disgust. Is this thing worth it?

Fair enough. Hard to type on my Viewsonic G but 1. Its a dated model. 2. Its an Amazon price, not a Woot deal. 3. Limited Warranty and frankly… its been that price too many prior times and is available from other sellers at a similar price. Lastly when I got one at Costco and did a real objective comparison to my old vacuum it did just ok but certainly not worth 4x the price.

Oh Woot, I had an idea!

How about http://vacuums.woot.com, and sending it all of the roombas and the vacuum cleaners that look like they moonlight as weaponry from the Halo universe?

Seriously, have you guys ever seen these candy-colored plastic monsters in stores and started wondering where the ammo goes in?

Am I the only one who picks up one of these from time to time and gives it a heft, acting like they’re a responsible adult thinking about a household purchase but actually pretending somewhere deep inside that they’re Master Chief about to lay some whupass on some unsuspecting aliens? And then you turn to your significant other and saying sternly “FINISH THE FIGHT… ON DIRT AND GRIME!” and then having to sleep on the couch that night?

Guys? Hello, guys? Is anyone still there?

-sent from my iCouch

totally worth it got one last time and I love it!

Vacuum warehouse had the DC25 Animal a few weeks ago for $240 shipped but it also came with a 3 year warranty

Good Buy, picks up an amazing amount of dirt

Decided to order one. The price is good, the reviews I have read are good, and the wife wanted it. Once I have received it, I will give a proper review

My first WOOT was a refurb DC14 for $264.99 back in 2007. It’s still going strong, no regrets at all!

Is it just me being tired, or does anyone else think the picture looks like a superhero going into a dive holding a baton???

I know there’s a metaphor in there somewhere. OK, got it:

Superhero powered cleaning, dives down deep, and is the anchor (or lead) for your cleaning team!!!