Dyson DC25 Upright Ball Vacuum

Same price at the Previous Sale

Yet ANOTHER Dyson… Makes you wonder why? I just bought a Shark Navigator Professional Upright and I LOVE it! Save the money and get a Shark! Just as good of a product NEW (not refurb) for way less cost.

i hope yours works out better than mine. i just returned my second shark professional to costco yesterday. we loved how they work until they didn’t. they both would smell hot and shut off after a few months. we kept them clean (brushes, hoses, and canister). this brings me to this sale. not sure yet if i’ll bite but this seems close enough in price to the shark that it might be worth it.

Too bad it doesn’t ship to Hawaii? :confused:

Any idea how this compares to the DC25 Animal version?

I just purchased this exact model a few weeks ago. It arrived in less than a week, and with the exception of one teeny scratch, you cannot tell it is not brand new. It has great suction, is easy to maneuver and feels very well built. I would definately buy one again.

How come every, every, EVERY single woot-off has multiple Dyson refurb lots? What the heck is so wrong with these things that they have a never-ending supply of Dysons?

Just wonderin’, ya know?

I think everyone in the world already has a refurbished Dyson DC25 vac.

Yeah - you do have to wonder if they get that many returns, whether it is truly a quality product!

Just go buy a Kirby.

I’ve had my Dyson Animal for about 6 years now, after my parents had it for several as well. It’s only now starting to diminish, so I’m looking for a replacement. My mom hates the Kirby they bought as a replacement. The bags are a hassle, and it’s heavy and difficult to use different attachments. I’m definitely looking for another Dyson to replace my old faithful one.

The animal version just has different attachments Here is the buying guide that explains the differences in the models.

Well, I forgot Valentines Day so I’m buying one of these for my wife to make up for it. It’s red so I figure I’m a hero!

Now, if she was the one that cleaned the house it would be even better.

Badumpbump! :slight_smile:

So can I wait until I receive the vacuum to purchase the SquareTrade warranty? And speaking of which, this warranty will only give me an additional 6 months (Dyson warranty is 6 months/SquareTrade is 1 year). Is this worth it/