Dyson DC26 - Blue

I bought this last year, and was horrified the first time I vacuumed what I thought were pretty clean rooms. I must have emptied the canister three times that day. Very efficient, easy to empty, and looks like R2D2 with a blue mohawk.

More like vacuums.woot am I right?

I got one of these the last time they were offered. I have two very long carpeted staircases and my regular upright dyson was killing me.

This works very well for that. It is a bit small, but for specific jobs or if you have a small space it would be perfect. The unit is small enough that an apartment dweller could stash it in the corner of a small closet.

The Dyson site says the DC26 includes the “Articulating Hard Floor Tool” which really sold me, but now that I’ve impulse bought it here, I don’t see it mentioned or in the pictures. It’s an extra $30-something on Amazon right now.

Don’t buy this! Are you guys seriously saving $80 on a refurb with a 6 month dyson warranty when if you purchase it new, it get a dyson 5 year?!?

It is NEW with 5 year warranty parts and labor through Dyson at $287 on amazon.