Dyson DC28 Animal Upright Vacuum

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“Animal” means it won’t get clogged with hair? We’re still trying to figure out how to vacuum my daughter’s room: apparently, long human hairs are fatal to many vacuums. Anyone know if this would work?

I bought this model back in March from Sears. It works really well at getting dog hair and anything else that comes in its path. However, today I had to drop it off at Sears for repairs. The beater bar/brush stopped spinning. The people at the repair shop said it was a common occurrence. Dyson is pretty tough to get a hold of on the phone. But once you get through the people seem competent. The office I got a hold of was in Chicago, IL. Anyways, it’s a good vacuum cleaner…when it works.

This model is more powerful and more effective than the DC25 Ball model, according to tests done by one of the magazines I read. Could have been consumer reports or Pop Sci.

I got all excited for a moment because I thought the Segway is on sale for $299… Oh well.

These Dysons all look so industrial, without the warmth of, say, a Hoover.

Speaking of Segways … given its failure to catch on as predicted by inventor Dean Kamen, I fully expect to see them on Woot in about 3 years.

I think this is a great buy. I bought the original Dyson on Woot several years ago and it’s been the best vac I’ve ever had. And it’s still running like a champ, even though it was a refurb. Anyone looking for a good vac I say go for this!

599.99 new on Amazon.


I own this model, picked up from the local Best Buy as an open box. With two dogs, two kids, and longer carpet, this vac works very well. The wand is a bit clunky, but this isn’t designed to replace a canister style vac. The amount of dirt, hair and dust that Dysons suck up vs. other brands is impressive and disturbing. I’ve had ours for about 3 years, and have had no problems.

This thing sure does suck… In a good way that is :wink:

this one is great on pet hair, and it will get everything out the carpet.

plus, it’s fun to watch the stuff swirl around in the chamber. sometimes we turn the tv off and all gather around the dyson watching it while sipping cocoa

These vacuums pick up all kinds of hair and fuzz. I have my animal for 8 years and still works great. Great if you have children.

The amount of hair my 4 Malamutes and 2 cats put out was enough to kill 7 vacuums, including a rather pricey Oreck. So, (cough), will the Dyson Animal survive my house?

Okay, a caveat – one vacuum was destroyed when it turned on and a hapless mouse was in the beater bar. Yeah, nasty.

I’ve had the DC17 for almost three years (previous woot) and it’s been awesome! I thought Dyson’s were overpriced and overrated before I owned it, not anymore. I think the only difference between this Dyson and the one I have is the extra attachments.

I endorse this woot.

I really want to buy this vacuum, but I am worried about the warranty. If you buy new it is 5 years. That is what you are really paying the extra money to get, security. Yes, you could buy an aftermarket warranty. I had good experiences and nightmares. Dyson does stand behind their warranties according to most web sites. If woot would do a 2 or 3 year, I would pull the trigger. I am afraid, even Dyson knows these things are good for about a year or 2, that is why they have so many refurbished units. A lot of refurb is buyer remorse or just wasn’t right. Most were never broken, but many were and fixed. I may just wait for a new one to come with the full warranty. With a 20% off coupon and sale. I may be able to get one new around $350, with the 5 year warranty.

I own this model. I haven’t seen any hair clogging the machine but it does accumulate heavily around the beater bar/brush. Once a week or so I have to remove quite a bit of entangled hair. It’s pretty easy to remove but it does get annoying. I’m sure this happens with just about any vacuum. Best wishes!

Exactly. You really need the 5 year warranty for this money.

I have 3 persians and this Dyson… the DC28 Animal…buy it… you can thank me later!!!

FYI, rumors have been flying around for years that using Dyson vacuums will void your carpet’s warranty. Apparently, the beater brushes are extra rough on the fibers. Only one or two companies specifically forbids Dyson in their warranty, i.e. Unique Carpets LTD, but many carpet sellers and cleaners tell buyers to avoid Dysons. Do a Google search on “dyson carpet void warranty.” I don’t know if this is mere rumor, but it’s something to consider.

Guess they have an issue with clogged filters… here is a fix.

Different filter (pre-motor) and how to clean it.