Dyson DC31 Handheld Vacuum

This deal sucks.

Neat, a new woot. And I jsut got a new home…now I just need the job and it becomes a win-win

This would have been extremely useful today. I was using my Dyson Ball vacuum to get the stairs, and it fell. On my head. Had I been using the right tool for the job, I wouldn’t have been yelling at inanimate objects for 20 minutes.

I want this. Please? My head cannot take another trauma.

Amazon 3+ stars, $347.95 new vs. $119.99 refurb today:


Questions about refurb? See signature link below.

I actually own this guy. I bought it much higher priced and wasn’t mad about it. It works well and as advertised. Yes, it has a whopping 10 minute battery life but I’ve not ever used it that long, just a quick zip around the house and I’m done. Amazon has 3.5 stars for the same model - lowest refurb price is 159.99. If you were contemplating it now would be a great time and price.

This little machine is wonderful, so much that we have three, one for home , one for work and one for our motorhome. The suction on this being rechargeable is amazing, but it’s not for big jobs but for small pickups it can’t be beat

Product support page:


with manual:

For what it’s worth, I don’t see it on sale at the Dyson site.

Is it the device that sucks or the deal that sucks? I hope I’m not just saying this into a vacuum - inquiring minds want to know!

I own this, its perdy awesome.
the battery life is terrible. Works for about 10 mins tops… not a huge problem for the small jobs you’ll likely be doing with it. The only reason I bring up the battery life is because it takes several hours to charge for 10 mins of use. otherwise, awesome product & does wonders for cleaning out my car.

Knew it was only a matter of time before the vacuums showed up. Woot, you are vacuum happy. Thank you though, we love our Dyson

How good is this at vacuuming up a car?

I have had this model (or one very similar) for about four years. I kind of hate it. The battery lasts closer to 6 or 7 minutes than the advertised 10, and though it works well, it is VERY frustrating to get halfway through a cleaning job only to have it shut off (making it useless for several hours). An optional plug would have been a nice inclusion.

Also something is wrong with mine, because for the last few months it has only run for about two minutes before it shuts off. It still has power because you can get it to turn back on, but it will just work in bursts until it runs out of batteries completely.

I would personally buy a cheaper hand vac with a longer battery life and save your cash for a real Dyson.

Hey, we’ll be the first to admit that we suck.

I don’t think it’s big enough to suck up an entire car. Maybe a Hot Wheel car though.

Yeah, I broke down and ordered one…to go with the Dyson I bought earlier this week…plus they look good with my Apple products.

(I can’t believe what I have turned into…I used to be so anti-cool, anti-hype, anti-establishment, and anti-conformity…damn drug testing policies at work! I’m one of them now!..It’s a conspiracy!..At least I don’t have an iPad though…maybe there is still a little hope for me yet…)

I have one and it does the exact same thing. I would not buy another one. For the cost of another battery, I could buy a “lesser” vac.

Even at the Woot price, this product not a good deal. Fail.

LMAO! You owe me a laptop battery cause I broke mine when I LOLd reading that & dropped it :frowning:

Hmm… think maybe Woot was spying on me tonight. I was vacuuming and I had to take off the bottom cover to clean out all the hair on the roller. It was literally smoking…I think it’s time for a new vacuum…but I need a real one; not a baby vac.

Oh dear. I don’t think I come with accident insurance. Sorry about your battery though.