Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor Vacuum - 2 Colors

**Item: **Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor Vacuum - 2 Colors
Price: $179.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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TONS of very good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at lowes.com

very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at homedepot.com

praise the lord for a dyson vacuum. It’s been WEEKS since the last one.

Dyson is one of the best vacuums out there. The “reconditioned” part is a concern, but they usually have the same warranty as new.

[MOD: 6 month warranty]

Let’s see what VacuumWizard has to say [youtube=qVy_WDpLHRM][/youtube]

I wonder how this compares to the Shark® Navigator™ Lift-Away® Deluxe sold at Costco which will be $119.99 in the next coupon book.


No, they don’t. Factory reconditioned Dyson vacuums have a six month warranty from Dyson.

I bought this the last time it was on woot. This vacuum sucks literally way too much. It did well on my hard floors. But when I went onto my carpet, the vacuum sucked itself into the carpet so string that it was impossible to push it.

I called Dyson support. The guy told me to remove some gaskets. I did. Tried it again with very limited improvement. He then asked what kind of carpet I had. I said a very large area rug. The guy said some rugs aren’t compatible with this vacuum. I asked which rugs? He and eventually a supervisor didn’t know which rugs.

I said it would be nice for the consumer to know before hand that this vacuum isn’t compatible with certain carpets and rugs. They essentially said that it wasn’t their responsibility to inform of this a vacuum’s incompatibility issues. They advised that it is the consumers’s responsibility to contact the carpet maker to find out what vacuums work best.

They said Dyson makes many vacuums for many different situations. I asked which vacuum would work for my situation. They did not know.

They incessantly kept referring me to my carpet manufacture and stressed that it wasn’t their responsibility to know what kind of carpet a customer has. I recommended that Dyson should put which situations their vacuums aren’t designed for in the description as a courtesy to the consumer.

They seemed flabbergasted by this suggestion.

I recommend you heed the Dyson customer service reps advice: Buy at your own risk.

How does the hepa filter hold up with multi animal household. Are current bissels hepa filter has to be changed monthly of it really starts to smells like animals.

Can I replace the hepa filter if I need to and what does that cost.

Strongly recommend going with the Shark. I have used both, and while the Dyson is nice, you are paying a premium for all their fancy advertising. I think the Shark performs better and is significantly cheaper.

a modular vacuum with user replacable parts and one thats easy to use and clean is what I look for. the sensor series of vacuums are used by hospitals and hotels. dysons aren’t. that should tell you something.

LOVE LOVE LOVE my Dyson. Bought on Woot (similar model) 6 years ago, still going strong. two boys, teenagers at that a glitter loving girl, a shedding dog, shedding cat and a husband who loves tracking in debris from outside or whatever home renovation project he’s currently working on. Have used mine to suck up drywall and plaster pieces, dust and any legos or playmobil pieces that my lovely children couldn’t be bothered to pick up (Mom decreed years ago that it would no longer be her job to rescue said pieces from the floor if vaccuming had been announced at least 8 hours in advance).

Recommend Dyson to all my friends (Hoover to those I dislike).

Love the washable filter (mine came with an extra), telescoping wand is so easy, also like being able to take apart the vaccum at various choke points to clean out the occasional popsicle stick that had been shoved under the radiator. Only complaint, and I have had this about almost every vaccum I’ve owned, is that the on board tools come unsnapped occasionally.

Our Dyson DC17 animal is on it’s last leg and we need to get a new vacuum. Anyone care to comment on the differences between this one and my DC17? How does the DC17 get the “animal” part added to it’s name?

Is 17.6 lbs really that light for a Vacuum? Seems on the heavy side to me.

I feel compelled to finally comment on a Dyson sale.

I bought my first Dyson at a Best Buy in 2001. It was a DC07 in that god awful red and purple scheme. I wanted to see what a $500 vacuum could do that a $200 vacuum could not. I figured at worst I could just return it. When I brought it home my wife said, “You spent how much on a vacuum?!?!” But after I vacuumed the floor with our old vacuum and then ran the Dyson over the same spots, we’ve been Dyson fans since. I still have that same vacuum and it still works great. I do some occasional routine maintenance - like cleaning the beater bar that gets wife/child hair wrapped around it and cleaning the filter as recommended - but the only thing I’ve replaced was the flexible hose that got a tear in it after 11 years. And I probably could have got by with just duct taping it.

So in 2012, I saw woot had a sale on the reconditioned DC33. I mentioned to my wife that we could grab another Dyson at a great price so we could keep one on each floor and this time there was no hesitation in her response of, “Well why haven’t you ordered it?”

I was a little nervous about the “reconditioned” status but I read some woot comments about how lots of the returns are people with buyer’s remorse who get home and are thinking “Wow, I just spent $500 on a vacuum.” They end up returning it even though nothing is wrong and the factory just cleans them up and repackages them. I figured what the heck. That Dyson is still going strong as well and now we don’t have to carry vacuums up and down the stairs. (Even though these units are really light and no trouble to move anyway!)

I’ve since turned several family members on to Dysons and they get nothing but praise from anyone I’ve recommended them to. My advice to anyone on the fence is to get a Dyson at this price and try it out. If you don’t like it, sell it on your local Craigslist. You can probably still get 90% of what you paid here if woot won’t take it back.

I own a DC33, Factory Refurbished, that I bought from FRYS. It works great 95% of the time. I’ve been having rare issues where the motor and belt seem to lose their connection and the brush doesn’t spin. It starts again with a crackle*crunch noise.

Great suction. Picks up better than any other vacuum I’ve used. (A Kirby might be the only one that gives it a run for it’s money, but I won’t talk about Kirby)
Easy as shit to dump the canister.
Easy to take apart and repair.
Tons of user support from forums to youtube videos.
Switching from floor to hose is one button.

My belt issue (probably localized to me)
The cap that covers the wand when the hose isn’t in use doesn’t snap closed. While purely cosmetic it drives me nuts.
Two carpet levels. Carpet or no carpet. I have mixture of carpet heights and have some high pile carpet that’s difficult to push the vacuum across.

I believe it’s just extra attachments that make it an “animal.” You can also just buy the “animal” attachments separately from Dyson.

Here is my 2 cents:
I bought a factory reconditioned Dyson DC07 in 2006 and it worked great until the hoses started to crack a few months ago. We were going to spend the $50 on replacement hoses when we decided to put that money toward a new vacuum. We went to Sam’s Club and looked at the Shark, that was also advertised on TV, and it didn’t seem to be sturdy like the Dyson. The Shark extension hose also didn’t extend very far. We missed the last time Woot had the DC33 for $179.99 and kicked ourselves for not buying it. We couldn’t wait for it to come up again, since our floors needed to be done, and bought the DC33 elsewhere for $250 which included a bonus attachment kit and the Dyson full warranty. The DC33 is so much lighter and easier to use than the DC07 plus I feel it has better suction.

From my experience the Dyson factory refurbs are a great deal and will most likely work past a basic warranty anyway.