Dyson DC33 Multi Floor Vacuum-Blue



Déjà vu?


Is this a good price?


same price at big lots…and this is the older model (nothing wrong with that) notice the shape of motor…not round…newer models have round (like a ball) motor housing.


Quick search on Google shows the next cheapest at $259, I know someone will find one cheaper or the same price, but I said quick search. :slight_smile:


I think so. I bought this model(yellow) for $20 more a month ago. I haven’t used it but the person I guilt into vacuuming for me says it does a good job. Carpet looks clean enuff. Glad I bought it. Kinda wish I waited a month though.


Well looks like a winner =). Going to pick one up and thanks to Cox as well.


Some people actually prefer the regular style to the ball style. I’ve seen several comments on here that they don’t suck quite as well. Anyway, This is a great price. Good luck finding one at Big Lots for this price or less (which includes driving to a Big Lots on the off chance of maybe getting one just to save a few bucks). I got the even older model a few years ago on here (the DC14 I think) and I LOVE it. It seriously sucks, way more than our old Eureka which I couldn’t get rid of fast enough.


Good golly, Woot tries to sell A LOT of Dyson vacs. All seem to be refurbs, too. What’s up with that?


I got a refurbished one (yellow) 3 days ago. It works really well.

This model is older than the one with the “ball” (DC25) but this one has a bigger “brush” so I imagine it is better if you have carpet. I do not know what the difference in color is. Wikipedia lists the differences but blue is not listed.
I highly recommend this vacuum! It really sucks! (And for this price even more!)


This proves that this woot off sucks but to really prove it more conclusively could you show us if this vacuum can suck up large amounts of Bacon.


I bought the yellow version on here a couple months ago. Love it, love it. It vacuums up a ton of stuff my old vacuum missed. I had a slight issue with the cap at the top of the telescoping wand and a quick phone call to Dyson and they shipped me out a new part, pretty much hassle free.