Dyson DC33 Multi Floor Vacuum

Gotta ask: what does refurbished mean? This is what I imagine:
It’s a dark and stormy night (isn’t it always?). A swarm of woot monkeys descend upon a dumster in a scuzzy alley. They chatter noisily as they yank dyson vacuums out of the rusty dumpster. After gathering all they can carry they let loose a triumphant cry and, holding the vacuums aloft, scurry back to the refurbishing factory on skull mountain.

I received a refurbished Dyson from woot a couple years ago - not this model but an earlier version. It came in a Dyson box, was clean and appeared generally new. It worked brilliantly then (I had just vacuumed with my old machine, and it pulled MORE dirt out of the carpet than I thought was possible) and has continued to work to this day. It required some minor service after several years to clean out some accumulated dust in the vortex chambers (simply disassemble and rinse with water) otherwise has been maintenance free.
If this purchase is anywhere near as reliable as the one I made, I would say jump on it. This is a great price considering the almost $400 MSRP: http://www.amazon.com/Dyson-DC33-Multi-Floor-Upright-Bagless/dp/B0043EW354

It is good practice to disassemble
(unclick, not unscrew) to see if any of the plastic is weakened. The stress test will expose these pieces that were not replaced in the refurbishing process. Dyson will send you replacements under the terms of the short warranty period.

My brother has one of these and I constantly borrow it from him. It’s the only vacuum I haven’t managed to kill. Here’s hoping the refurbished model works just as well.

I got this model one of the last times it was offered. It’s amazing! I can’t believe how much stuff it sucks up! My roombas, that I loved, had nowhere near the suction power of this machine.

Who does the refurbishing? Dyson or a 3rd party?

Many times these are new units that someone has returned and nothing is wrong with them. I got an Animal several years ago and absolutely NOTHING was wrong with it. Dyson has also taken my calls without charge, even outside the warranty period. The vacuum is strong enough to pull a lot of fuzz out of a plush carpet and actually pull it off the tacking if it’s not installed well, so do be aware of that. This is the 2nd carpet I will need re-stretched since I have had the Dyson. It was probably too strong for this new, really cheap carpeting the previous owner installed before selling. Has anyone else had to have their carpet re-stretched from using their Dyson? I have no complaints about the vacuum and I love the way it comes apart and re-assembles.

So I already orders but does anyone know if the attachments from my DC07 will work with this? After a decade my DC07 just hasn’t been working as well. I found the bottom of the dust bin was cracked and replaced it Sunday and spent over a hour cleaning the seals and such and I still hear a new air leak I can’t pin point. What really sucks is I just spent $40 dollors on parts for the DC07 just to buy a new one today. Of course if I do find the problem with the DC07 I am sure someone will take it off my hands.

I purchased a refurb Dyson off of Woot about a month ago and it works flawlessly.

It came directly from Dyson and all the packaging and critical parts felt like they were brand new.

Has anyone who bought one in this deal been informed their order has shipped?