Dyson DC33 Multi Floor Vacuum



Seriously, is this the most-often-offered woot product ever? It has to be offered at least a dozen times…


Is it any good for the price?


Does it need to be surgically attached, Borg style, or can I just slip it over my stump when I need to vacuum?


I have this model, and it’s pretty good. A heck of a lot better than my old Eureka.

The only time you could get dust in your face with this is if you goof while emptying the canister. You rinse out one filter once a month and I’ve never seen it be visibly dirty.

The Eureka I replaced was a canister vac that had a filter you had to replace every 6 months and you had to clean the chamber it was in, which was full of nasty, nasty sticky dust that got all over everything. Every time I cleaned it and blew my nose afterward the result would be black. That and like most vacuums the belt burned out every few months, requiring more dust exposure as you took it apart to replace it.

The Dyson, thankfully, does not have this problem, has better suction and you don’t have to replace the flimsy belts. I’ve had to do nothing to it in the year I’ve owned it other than rinse that one filter and let it dry.


as far as I researched, it looks like a good vac for that price. I have been waiting for this deal, missed it in the last few times. I got it this time in a heartbeat.


I feel so sorry for the poor slob taking this vac up the stairs. I have been looking at this add on Woot now for weeks and he seems to be totally heart broken. He must hate having to vacuum or even be around the machine more than any man on the face of the earth. Poor dude. :frowning:


Dyson vacuums suck. Period.


Inb4 overused vacuum puns.


had to read it twice to get the pun :slight_smile: slow today, I am ready for the holidays.


Sadly, this will be my third Dyson.

In a house that once had two dogs and a kid, is now down to one dog and two kids (no, the dog was not sacrificed to make the second kid).

First a DC17, five years old. It still works but the suction is having some issues. Its also on its second motor. Pretty sure the replacement motor wasn’t as good as the original and my skills in replacing it, might have been a bit lacking too.
When it was new (to us. refurbished, like the rest) it worked amazing. I believe I failed to clean the filters as often as I should’ve.

Secondly, a DC24.
Didn’t realize until it was too late…that this was the “ultra-portable” version. Which translates to “small and slightly weaker” than the DC17.

In all, the wife loves her dyson(s). The reviews seems to show that the DC33 is never and stronger than the DC17, so that should be good.


Why would a vacuum need to be “refurbished” anyway? If it’s used, who wants a used vacuum? If it’s not used, why did they need to refurbish it? I don’t like it I tells ya!


I hope it is clean when you receive it! I ordered a refurbed Dyson about 5 years ago, and it came as if it had just been used, emptied and shipped.


I thought the same thing,“poor schlub,”. Then
I realized he was having his way with Dyson, on the stairs,


I think I got the last one… Hooray!.. it has to be better than the crap I have now anyways.