Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum

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Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum
Price: $109.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Time to check out the product page

What is an “air watt”? I don’t like proprietary ways manufactures measure their products. From past experience Dyson builds fine products, but has a bad habit of doing these tiny planned upgrades to change model numbers. I guess I’m grouchy, but would appreciate more companies giving us a break and using standard measurements.

I actually just got one of these last month. It’s a very good, powerful little vacuum! Perfect for cleaning out your car! The only two drawbacks are that the battery only lasts 10 minutes and it doesn’t power on when it’s plugged in. It runs off battery power only! The extended wand allows access to the corners and ceilings pretty well, but I’m tall anyways. It’s very easy to dump the vacuumings but if it’s that full already, it’ll need a charge!

Same motor and stuff as the Dc35 and DC44 Animal. I have the DC44 animal and it has a ton of attachments but runs about $100 more refurbed.
Tempted to get this just to have 2 since I can use attachments on whatever but sad this doesn’t appear to have the wall mount.


35ft cord,more tools,free shipping,5yr warranty and oly $139.95 with code EMCWPWF229

I’ll echo the battery life statement - it’s very short. But the vac does a good job picking up whatever is in its way.

The best part - we got ours for free from a friend that was moving overseas and didn’t want to take it with them. We offered $$ and they said no. Win!

Here’s a review of the shark compared to the Dyson DC44: http://youtu.be/CAWAE6jREbc

Its just $78 more on the mothership with a full 5 year warranty. Not much of a deal with a 6 month warranty for this.

You are missing the point. You can’t compare a corded vac to a cordless vac. A corded vac should also cost less, not more, than a cordless one.

I bought this refurbished here a year ago (exactly a year ago tomorrow!). I have to agree I was surprised it ONLY runs on battery and not plugged in. Despite this, it always seems to get the job done before I run out of battery (at least I haven’t had an issue yet). Prior I had a handheld Dirt Devil, and this Dyson blows it out of the water. I love how easy it is to clean (click the button and it empties into the trash). Also, the “max” mode, or turbo suction, is a nice feature for picking things up quickly and that are more of a challenge. Agree with another comment that the wall mount would have been nice. My dog only chewed it once on the floor out of curiosity. I have had no need to call Dyson and no issues in the time I’ve owned it. Love this thing!

Factory Reconditioned: I am assuming that the battery isn’t swapped for a new one. Is there any risk that the battery will expire in a year, like an older iPhone’s battery gradually loses capacity?

Have one of these. Loved it. then it got the borked “dirty filter” sensor issue, and it’s now a beautiful paperweight.

I have the DC44 refurbished also. Does anyone know if this DC34 has the electrical pins that allow it to use the powered carpet extension?

Works great while you have juice.

My battery is slowly dying after maybe 2 years, now it maybe works about 3 minutes on a charge. Not too good.

Other than that, good suction as all Dysons, easy to work with, not to heavy and all the rest…

Agree the useful time from the battery is -too short-, it won’t last long enough to do 2 flights of stairs. In my view, this is an unacceptable design flaw, 20 minutes should be the working life. So frankly, I can’t recommend this.

I’ve also had problems with fine dust clogging the unit, requiring a very thorough cleaning (and washing all the filters), after we did some wallboard repairs in the house.

There are 3rd party battery alternatives, which I’ll have to try since the battery for my original (WOOT) purchase has lost most of its capacity.

This looks like the updated version of one I bought here six years ago. It worked very well up until it died three or four months ago. Definitely tempted to buy this one to replace it.

I own one, purchased new elsewhere. Works excellent, and I have no qualms whatsoever about the battery life. Perhaps the refurb units have battery problems, but I suspect it is people expecting more than they should.

15 minutes on low, 6-8 minutes (or so) on high.

Low is enough for most things, I rarely use high.

Frankly, if you’re using this thing for more than 15 minutes you need to use a larger (corded) vaccuum.

We use it to touch up the hardwood and carpeted stairways, around the kitchen, and to take cat fur off the couch. Works GREAT!

Lastly, works EXCELLENT for the car!