Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum

Here is the Handheld people were hoping for during the woot-off!

If you’re going to get a Dyson handheld, save your money and go for the DC35. Sure it’s more expensive, but you get better battery life and the powered brush head which works extremely well. Worth the extra $ IMO.

Product Page

There’s a boatload of reviews over at The Dyson Website It’s also sold out over there…

Too Slow :c

Today’s woots really suck! :wink:

$150 for a glorified dustbuster.

Here in the land of many many roombas (for about $150) I’d think you could do better

How well does this work for Pet Hair?

I’ve been posting a lot of good links, good posts and more throughout the woot off. I bought at least 8 or 9 Woot off items (with multiples in all but 1)bringing me up to 205 total since Woot opened. Not 1 post was acknowledged but other dopey ones or the special people with 100’s of post get quality posts added.

Normally, if I dont have good to say about the item I shut up except for the Fuji batteries. I have 3 Dysons I love, 2 uprights and 1 cannister I bought on Woot for $200 with the Dyson MRSP at $400. 50% off is more like it. If this was a better price I would be purchasing it too. I checked the Dyson site, list on it NEW is $219. $70 off the brand new MRSP for a refurb is no bargain.

YAWN,I’m out of here. Good night.

Yesterdays really sucked too. And yet, I still that damn gold button.

I had a Dyson upright that I loved so I bought a Dyson handheld. Biggest waste of money ever. Insufficient suction and very short battery life.

Full charge to dead in 6-15 minutes?

I’ll stick with a broom with those specs.

If this were the dc35 for this price, i’d be all over it.

Snap them up people you never know when Woot will have these again…oh wait, maybe next week you say ?

I had one of these and wound up giving it to Goodwill. The incredibly short battery life was too frustrating for words. While it sucked, it picked up well, but unless you ONLY use it for small spills you will be pulling your hair out.

I totally love quality posts, links to useful information, and well-thought reviews. Thank you! and Good morning. :slight_smile:

We have both a Dyson upright and a canister - we love both of them. This handheld simply does not work. The battery life is woefully inadequate and the suction is lacking. I can’t even clean the entire car without it running dry.

For the car, I’ll stick with my 30 year old dustbuster with the 12 foot 12V cigarette lighter cord. Still working after all these years!

I have one as well and after buying an aftermarket battery it was pretty good, lasting for 15 minutes or so after a 3 hour charge. If you need to vacuum for more than 15 minutes then you should be using an upright in the first place.

Where this thing makes me say that it’s a huge POS now is that the battery charger does not shut off once it is fully charged. This leads to over charging and now after less than 15 charges it lasts less than 2 minutes. The replacement batteries aren’t cheap either. Made me lose faith in dyson for overlooking such a flaw. What an over priced POS. Stay clear.

The woot-offs are all about fun. Quality Posts are definitely different during a Woot-Off, even from item to item.