Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum



This deal sucks! In a good way.

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Now somebody ask if it works with a Mac.


It works ON a mac.

Need the one with the extension! Sigh.


A dyson in every home.


We picked one of these up the last time it was offered. Absolutely love the power and functionality. The battery, however, is short lived (accurately in the 6-15 minute window the specs indicate), and it doesn’t die slowly, it just turns off. In general, that’s not that bad for what the vacuum is intended for, but what caught me off guard was that it doesn’t work at all if it’s plugged in, so you can’t continue using it while it’s charging. On the positive side, it stops charging once the battery is full, so you should be able to leave it plugged in without worrying about exhausting the battery.


130 reviews over at google Overall very great vacuum with great reviews averaging over 4 stars

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Here is an overview overview from Nick at Abt


So to anyone who has one of these things, I have two questions:

  1. I understand that the battery is short lived; but I’ll be using this in a small space, so can it remain on longer, if it’s plugged in the whole time?


  1. How loud is it? Say, compared to my current dirt devil dust buster? (It does a fine job and all for what I paid for it, but I’d sure like an upgrade!)


I bought a refurbed DC31 (prior model to this DC34 - looks identical) from Woot last October for $10 less than this price.

I use it almost daily. It is a joy to use - vastly superior to the numerous dust-busters, dirt devils, etc I’ve had over the years.

Its about as loud as your usual dust buster, but with a smoother, higher-rpm quality to the sound. It does not operate when plugged in to the charger. Length of charge is almost always more than adequate, unless you need to clean out your SUV after a long and dirty camping trip.

Sucks like MAD!

  1. As I mentioned above, it doesn’t work at all while it’s charging, so you are limited to the current battery life. This is my only real beef with it.
  2. I have a Dirt Devil Scorpion hand vac that’s a few years old, and this is significantly quieter than that thing. This is also a lot easier to clean. I don’t know how it would compare to a dust buster, though.


There are no a long-reach wand and a charging cradle in the box, am I understand right?


Nope, that is the 35:

It’s $60 more for the wand and the holder. I picked up a holder (which we still don’t use…) on ebay for $12 so not sure how useful it is.

The wand… never even thought about it as that seems to be more a “normal” sized vacuum thing.

This and all of the small Dysons are designed for quick pick up and whole house spot work.(my wife loves to hit all the dust bunnies once every couple of days in our whole house as 80% of it is wood floors) If we need a wand we get out the normal corded vacuum.

That being noted… it always makes me chuckle when people complain about battery life on this model. We have 2 of these (a 31 and a 16) and have given numerous others as gifts. If you use this machine for its intended purpose it’s the greatest handheld ever. I have NEVER run out of battery and don’t see how I could.

It is designed to be used for quick pickups or spot stuff. If you want more than 6 minutes of full power you’re using the wrong tool. Much the same way as people that use staplers to pound in nails.


Thanks, I understand that. I am just intending it for my parents. So I don’t want they bent their knees or back even for spot work.
I think the most frequent use-case will be to vacuum plinth.


Can anyone say how long it takes the battery to recharge?


After owning ours for 2 years now. It works for maybe 2 minutes on a good day. And, that’s on a full charge. Not worth the money for 2 hours of total vacuuming time since day one.


Amadyson.com? How can they keep grinding these things out? How many funny looking plastic refurb vacs can one own?


you forgot the DC35 also has the motorized brush head. I have the 35. its awesome, as I’m sure this is (being the same thing). we pretty much only use it with the motorized brush head - too lazy to switch heads, but I’m guessing its only an advantage on rugs/carpets. $60 more for the brush head, extension pole, and mount I think is just about fair. Good deal either way. Use it almost daily for past 6 months because of our two dogs that freaking shed non stop.


Really? Our 16 we’ve had since 08/2008 and have not replaced the battery yet and still get 5+ minutes at least. My wife uses it probably twice a week and it’s always on charge. She did blow a motor on it about 6 months ago and we picked up a replacement on ebay for $35. it’s too nice to throw away and is her main vacuum in her craft room.(Works great top pick up spilled beads and such as you can empty the bowl, suck them up and then empty just the beads for quick pick up!)

The 31 we’ve had since 2010 and also have not had issues with battery life. Just 2 days ago she did the house with that one and got at least 4 minutes out of it.

For the record she loves the additional power the 31 has over the 16 and the 34 is the same. Only difference the 34 offers is you get longer run time on the “low” speed.(However, we never use that button)

Both were “refurbs” also.


OOOOOO!!! A deluxe bug vacuum!!!


No, I agree the brush head is probably a benefit I’m sure and the $60 difference is arguable if you want it for that. However, we’ve never thought of the 16/31 in that way.

We don’t have pets but have a 10 year old, tons of wood flooring, and a wife that does SERIOUS crafting so they work great for pickup after them and getting dust bunnies which seem to appear every other day.

We never use anything but the “crevice tool”. The “combo” accessory head is too much of a pain to go find and switch out.(not even sure where someone laid that last. :wink: That said, my mom only uses the combo head. I think whichever you find you prefer, you stick with.


Was just thinking about this… My daughter was using our 31 this weekend and the “whine” it produces is unique. Normally, the vacuum doesn’t bother me but I learned it kind of depends on how you use it.

This weekend she was cleaning up feathers from some boas they had bought for a neighbors 8th birthday party. It was a build a bear party so they had hit the dollar store and picked up these unbelievably crappy things that dropped feathers everywhere if you even looked at them cross eyed.

My daughter spent 15 minutes “hunting” feathers after the party; pull trigger 2 seconds, let go 2 seconds, pull trigger 2 seconds, let go 2 seconds. At first it was fine… 10 minutes later I was ready to scream. I finally had to tell her to leave it on and suck them all up at once, then let go of the trigger.

So under normal use I’d say it’s not too loud but it is a distinctive sound.

Here is a youtube video and you can hear the “whine” it produces.