Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum

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Considering my DYSON Handheld I bought on WOOT in 2008 is still going strong (Only had to do one battery replacement)

I can heartily recommend this as the greatest handheld vacuum I have ever owned.

Wow, that is an expensive dust buster.

You’re disappointed that a hand-held rechargeable vacuum doesn’t “compare” to a corded vacuum? That makes absolutely no sense at all!

What do you expect from a high powered rechargeable vacuum, an hour of continuous use? In what possible circumstances do you need the limited capabilities of a hand-held vacuum for more than a few minutes at a time?

Sorry, but it’s just ridiculous to expect a product to be something it isn’t. This Dyson rechargeable vacuum isn’t a corded vacuum, to compare it to one and say the Dyson is “disappointing” is just nonsensical in the extreme. It’s like saying “I’m really disappointed my bicycle isn’t as fast as a motorcycle.”

I think that because this is a Dyson people are missing the point of what this thing is: It’s a very high quality, powerful and easy-to-clean dustbuster. It’s just for sucking up small messes like spilled cheerios or, as in my case, for vacuuming up small debris on my work bench. This is NOT a full powered vacuum, it’s NOT supposed to go 30 minutes on a charge, it’s NOT a replacement for you upright. It’s just a fancy, well-built dustbuster. If like me you need a hand-held vacuum that’s reliable, well made, easy to clean and very powerful this is it.

If you want a “serious” vacuum why would you be looking at this in the first place?

I own this piece of crap. The battery lasts 20 seconds after a full charge, new it was 4-5 minutes. Dyson could care less and laughs at all of the battery complaints, will not stand behind their products. The Black & Decker FLEX is twice the machine at 1/3 the cost. I have three of these, one per floor, and am happier that a pig in dodo with it.

Don’t waste your money! I bought a brand new one as Sam’s Club and the battery life is horrible! I average about 4-5 minutes on a single charge. This Dyson is way too expensive for the kind of job it does.

Does this have a HEPA filter like other Dysons?

Awesome vacuum, short battery life.

We use it to mostly suck-up spiders (watching them spin at 8 billion RPMs is gratifying).

We also use it to pick up the occasional dry mess, at which it does a brilliant job.

The battery doesn’t last more than a few minutes, but if you need to use a hand-held for longer, then you should have brought out your canister… :slight_smile:

During the minutes it is on, it works at it’s full impressive power.

Had ours for years and it still holds a decent charge.

Have had the original version for a few years.

Got for maybe $40 at a yard sale. Recently added a section of pvc pipe to give it a wand.

Still works like a champ, great for spot pickup of dog hair on hard floors.

What size pipe fits, and does it fit well (easy on and off but doesn’t fall off)? I might buy one if I could make a wand easily.

At least half of all problems with battery operated devices are the result of abusing the battery pack. This isn’t always the customer’s fault, as the manufacturer doesn’t want to make it seem fragile, but if you let it cool off for 15 minutes before recharging after heavy use (using most of the charge), all types of battery packs will last much longer. It will still be just 10-15 minutes of power, but that’s all you should expect.