Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum



This vacuum sucks.


This looks like some sort of weapon that an evil supervillain creates and holds people hostage with… Am I the only one?


This was one of my first Woots. We kept it for 2 years, using it very, very rarely because the battery life was so lousy, and one day it wouldn’t come on anymore. Piece of junk.


We have bought two of these from woot and they are the best!
We also bought the one with the long stick last time and are looking for another but i haven’t seen it on this wootoff.


Was thinking about this but so far it is 2 to 1 on suck vs. great and one of the sucks says they have had two suck. So, I am going to pass. Thanks for the feed backs on your personal user expieriance.


It’s supposed to suck.


I much prefer my Shark cordless…man that thing was a great buy!


Yeah guys saying a vacuum sucks is a little confusing


Here are some reviews…


I have a refurb DC31 and it is awesome. Gets daily use. Am holding out for a DC44 for use at my business. Oh how I wish this was that!


We bought this a few years ago - still running - STILL LOVE IT !!!


Looks cool but the battery life SUCKS. Now after 2 yrs it will not charge at all :frowning:


Well, I resisted for almost 10 minutes…in for one.


BTW I will sell you mine for $25.oo


We just got a new, very big, very microsuede couch which is incompatible with our dog and two cats. SO, hopefully this will help us all live in harmony. In for one!


Rubber gloves work wonders for getting pet hair off of microsuede.


I’ve also had one for a couple years and it only works for maybe 2 minutes. Even brand new the battery didn’t last long (6 minutes as stated in the instruction manual) but less than two minutes is almost useless. If the battery lasted 15 minutes or more it would be great, but I’d pass now. How about a dustbuster? Those lasted forever (or at least in my childhood memories they do).