Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum

Great vac. I got one last woot off and love it. Battery lasts longer than I expected it too after reading some of the reviews.

I wanted this vacuum to be good because I needed a hand vac, but after all the reviews I read about the short battery life and the people who say that it plain does not work after a few months I am going to pass.

There are 52 reviews on Amazon, averaging about 3.6; it’s selling there for $19 more.

The consensus, as near as I can discern, seems to be that it’s decent quality, but not quite up to what one would expect of the brand or the price tag.

Yup it’s selling for $159 in Amazon but it’s a new unit… Woot is selling a refurb…

I’ve had mine for six months or more, and I love it. I’ve never had a problem with the battery holding up and it sucks like you wouldn’t believe a little machine like this could. Handy as the devil and I’d hate to be without it. It especially works great for the quick little jobs where a vacuum is needed, but you don’t want to go to the trouble of dragging out the big machine and fiddling with the hose.

If I didn’t already have one and knowing what I do now, I’d be buying one right now!

I’d gladly pay an extra $20 for a brand new one with Amazon’s amazing customer service/warranties over a refurbished one here any day. =/

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I just hope we have a normal upright nonball dyson show up…I have been promising my honey one for months now of course not willing to pay the $400 for a new one >.>