Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum

Decent reviews (4 out of 5 stars) over at target.com

Interesting review here.

Good overview video with a few features

I have one of these.
We love this thing.
It isn’t a replacement for a plug in vacuum, but it is a massive time saver. Being cordless it gets to the dirt you want to pick up quickly. It isn’t as powerful as a plug in vacuum but it does a very good job picking up most dirt and pet hair.
The battery run time is pretty decent too, by the time it starts to fade I find I’m done anyways.

Wow. Almost got sweet talked by the always excellent Woot write up. But this will in no way serve my intended use of a hand held vac: cleaning my car seats. Maybe if I cleaned more than once a year, a 6 min charge would be great. But I don’t, and it’s not. Pass for now.

Factory reconditioned & comes with a 6mo. warranty for $134.99 shipped on Woot.


Factory new & comes with a 2yr. warranty for $176.49 on Amazon.

Essentially, your additional $41.50 expenditure on Amazon buys you a greater length warranty on a new machine.

I bought the other model with the long neck extension exclusively for vacuuming bugs. Works great. Other vacuums that I bought were not strong enough to pull the bug’s grip off the wall or carpet.

I love this dam thing so much I could marry it. Seriously, it’s perfect for hardwood floors, in the corners and under furniture, and leather couches , etc. I’ve had mine a few months now and it’s great.

My comment from last October, with edit:

After 6 months I cant get 2 minutes out of mine and replacement battery is over $80. Peice of crap!

-Terrible battery time, eventually the battery will last less than a minute. Read up on the battery issues before buying. there is even a You Tube Video. Gave mine to Goodwill, to late to return.

This is true. However, even for only a minute or two, it is still useful for the “quick pick up” stuff.

Nonetheless, of the various Dyson products that I have purchased (all of which are very well built, etc.), this is the one that I would in retrospect have not bought, because it has not turned out to be worth the price in the long run.

My wife and I love ours, we bought it almost three years ago on woot and its the absolute best vacuum for cleaning cars. we dont use it for much else, but it will clean either of our cars (VW GTI 4dr, we have 2) fully and at least the front seats of the other car before it needs a recharge. If I had to make the purchase again I might opt for the one with the powered tools, I wouldn’t mind having the brush on the front to dig out leaves in the fall.

Battery is an issue, make sure you thought about it before you buy. Mine is sadly sitting in the corner now 'cos battery last 30 seconds each time even after fully charged. Wish I used the money for something else :frowning:

I have owned the original version of this Dyson for over 5 years now. I have replaced the battery once with a cheap eBay knock off and it works great, I think it cost about $35. 6 minutes is PLENTY of time for cleaning up around the house and for your car. If you need to clean more than 6 minutes get out your full sized upright. When mine finally dies I will buy a new one with zero hesitation. I paid $150 for mine new at a retail shop over 5 years ago, worth every penny. You can still find the original version of this out there for $75-$90 as a refrub. The newer ones looks a littler cheaper made than the original and they cost considerably more.

Yea that’s exactly what I was thinking. Also I am pretty sure 6 mins with a new battery turns to 3 mins 2 years from now after it’s old and worn.

I’m wondering if anyone has experience with this unit against my nemesis: cat hair on the couch.

Well, my nemesis is dog hair on the couch, and I have the newer version of this unit(DC35), but it works wonders on dog hair. The battery on the DC35 last about 15 min on regular power but it has the option to “turbo boost” and it will last about 6-8 min. I dont really notice a differenct between regular and “turbo”. Also note that the canister holds very little, so it needs to be emptied often.

I second that, it gets pet hair off almost anything.

Perfect for filming your own version of “Haunted Home Inspector”.