Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum

**Item: **Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum
Price: $129.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $20 Two-Day OR $23 One-Day
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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4 Star Average from Overstock
Decent reviews (4 out of 5 stars) over at target.com

Can this unit be charged in a car w 12 volt adapter? What is wattage?

Good overview video with a few features

Some additional info can be found on the dyson.com

Solid reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) over at The O

Solid reviews (4.0 out of 5.0) over at bestbuy.com

I bought a different model (DC16) Dyson handheld on here a couple months ago, also a refurb. It was dead on arrival - battery would not hold a charge at all, even after charging overnight. I contacted woot, who told me to make a warranty claim with Dyson. I contacted Dyson on the phone, and the representative said they don’t make that model anymore and probably couldn’t do anything, then they put me on hold and the call was “disconnected” (i.e. they hung up on me). I was eventually able to get a refund from woot, but the experience does not instill confidence in buying refurb Dyson products here.

DO NOT BUY! THIS VACUUM IS WORTHLESS! BATTERY LASTS 5 minutes then you need to recharge. Gets clogged easy! I wouldn’t give this to my worst enemy!

Heck of a lot of money for a dust buster.

I have had one of these for a few months now and I love it. I have never had the battery run out but it is only meant for small tasks. The thing you mount on the wall holds all three accessories so you switch to the one you want then you pull it off and go, great. The battery probably would not last long because it is powerful, I mean this thing sucks a lot. It does not clog because after each use you hit a button and it empties, not hard. I grab this thing every time I see a dust bunny but it is not a vacuum cleaner, don’t expect it to be. My favorite purchase of 2013 so far.

I bought one of these from Woot a few years ago. It was also a refurb and the battery life was lousy, maybe one minute, less if I brought it out in the cold. Switching the battery for a no-name replacement found online helped tremendously. Other than that it has been a solid vacuum.

I bought the same one probably from the same Woot posting. I, too, had a battery that was DOA. The unit itself looked great but the battery was scratched to crap and covered in dust. It was a used battery and it was all used up. I know Woot doesn’t support any of their purchases so I called Dyson and the lady on the phone was super nice - she mailed me out a brand new battery free of charge and marked my battery DOA. I got the battery in less than a week and the unit works great. I am disappointed that anyone would call that battery “refurbished” and ship it to a paying customer BUT I was thrilled to receive a new one at no cost quickly.

The vacuum itself has a 6 minute battery life, that I knew going in. I bought it for a specific purpose - vacuuming debris and crumbs off of my stove. I have a glass cooktop and it has a metal edge around it. I have cut myself trying to get the crumbs out of the edges and there is nowhere to brush the crumbs to. I use it also to vacuum up dog hair when we brush the dog, and stray bedding that the degu kicks out of the cage. I use it for no more than a minute at a time and it works great for what I use it for.

I understand the 6 minute battery life, but what I’m really curious about is how long does it take to go from dead to a full charge? 1 hour? 4 hours? 12?

3.5 hours

I got this a couple months ago from woot and have mostly been happy with it but it’s not as powerful as I expected. On regular mode (15 minute battery life), it’s barely strong enough to clear cobwebs from ceiling corners. I use it exclusively on “max” mode (6 minutes battery life) to get the desired performance. Mine gets clogged but by clogged I mean that when I empty it, I have to reach in and start pulling stuff out because it never just falls out like it’s supposed to. If I vacuumed like 3 dust bunnies then emptied it, it probably would not need a manual assist but I use it for the full 6 minutes at a time and it sucks up enough that I have to stick my fingers in there and the space is juuust narrower than my fingers, causing me several hangnails.

I don’t recommend this dyson model. I got a new one for Xmas and it’s really weak, battery life is ok, but it does clog easily.

It loses suction if there’s anything bigger than a “punch hole” size piece of paper being vacuumed. I got this vacuum so I could get all the kids crafts scraps and crumbs and its just not good at that. It was faster for me to get the broom and sweep up some confetti than to constantly empty out the suction vent since it kept clogging.

Our full size dyson is still working great after 3 years of moderate use.