Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Vacuum

this woot kind of sucks

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Dyson DC35 Digitial Slim Vacuum
$199.99 + $5 Standard OR $19 One-Day OR $15 Two-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Here is a video demo!

Oh. A Dyson. Such a refreshing change.

Please! Enough with the things that suck already :confused: Pun intended
I thought that’s what the home section was for :o ?

Oh it’s digitial. I will buy anything that’s digitial, even if I have know clue what digitial means. It just sounds cool.

Have you bought one yet? Yeah, I thought so. It’s your fault it’s back. A Dyson in every wooter’s home.

And we put what we think is the best deal of the day on woot. We can do that. It’s our site. :tongue:

Nice. A Digitial vacuum and not your every day run of the mill digital type. SWEET!

You’ll put your eye out… Oh, wait, THEY should have put their extra “i” out…

It’s digitial. Is this like interstitial? Interspatial? Pestilential? Partial or impartial?

Clearly, the reviewer misread the word, because he speaks of some “digital” item, which would make sense only because of the fact that our fingers are digits and hold onto the vacuum.

Let’s be nice about the typos, if that’s what they are. Anyone can have a bad typing day.

So does anyone have one of these? Is it a pain to assemble and/or disassemble? Could I use this to vacuum the car, or would it be awkward to fit under the dash and between the front & back seats?

Growl. I pointed that out 2 days ago and they said they fixed it.

Sent an email. They’ll fix it in the morning.

NEVAH! At least not when it’s a major sales site owned by Amazon that is known for its write-ups, viewed by kazillions, and should be rigorously proofread before launch. Especially when Thunderthighs pointed out the mistake, yet it was not fixed! We champions of good spelling and meaning will not rest in situations like this.

And this guy is complaining about typos??? Pot meet kettle.

anyone able to comment on how well this does with pet and medium pile carpet?

Yes, this will suck up any small pet up to 15 lbs. Can’t comment on the carpet.

Here is a user manual I’m pretty sure brought to you by the same people who handle those airplane emergency pamphlets.

Pointing out typos is like when girls say they need a man who can use you’re and your as well as there, their, and they’re correctly.


Match.com was a cruel, tough world…

Another Vacuum… Hurray.