Dyson DC35 Handheld Vacuum-Red

Works Great! That battery holds up nicely. It’s used in my home for smaller pickups or 1 room needing vaccuming. I highly recommend it,

Must have found some more stock lying around, already sold Yesterday

no more dyson fans? waiting for one of those!

I’m holding out for a refurb DC44…

Looking for a DC28 myself. Only reason I’m watching this woot-off.

I bought a refurb DC44 almost a year ago and it is AWESOME. I have a 1400 sq ft home, about half of that is wood flooring and we have two immensely shedding dogs. I can grab this off the charger and vacuum all the dog hair off the wood. Battery lasts plenty long unless you’re trying to get all the marble floors of a 4,000 square foot mansion.

It appears to me that the DC35 is the DC44 without the long tube and roller attachment for the floor. I wonder if those can be picked up separately.

Are these good for wood & tile floor?