Dyson DC35 Multi Floor Cordless Vacuum

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Dyson DC35 Multi Floor Cordless Vacuum
Price: $179.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Tons of good reviews from Target


Pretty Good Reviews

TONS of pretty good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at walmart.com and even better reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at homedepot.com

I own the “animal” version of this unit and find it to be the most handy cleaning tool in my household. It’s powerful enough to handle bare floors and hardwood, yet versatile enough to turn into a hand vac, complete with slim reach tool.

One of my absolute most favorite items in my household. Easy to clean, good suction, charges quickly and the attachments are useful…I have two of these and love them.

Why so many vacuums woot?

Yeah, noticed that too

I started and paused the refurb madness video many times to catch this image. Now I feel accomplished and can go to bed.


This thing was great while it worked. It broke after 8 months, just outside of the warranty period.

It’s a glaring reminder of why you should always buy the extended warranty on refurbs if it is offered.

I bought one of these the last time they were offered. This thing sucks better than a Texas country gal after a six pack of beer! Seriously, It is the ONLY rechargeable vacuum I have ever bought that has the suction required to actually pull dirt from the floor. I have had no problems with it, & can easily recommend it to you!

Got mine at BestBuy for $140 a while back. I love it. It was on clearance and there was 10% off on top.

I bought this for my Mom a month ago when it was on a woot-off and she has been super happy with it. I used it before I left and that thing SUCKS! It worked much better than either of her two other not-very-old vacuums. It was a crazy amount of dirt it pulled out of her carpet. It was also light enough she could use it on her relatively small floor even with arthritis. However, but a larger floor than her small living room and kitchen it would get very tiresome to hold the trigger down.

add this to my third refurb Dyson that have “lost suction”! Something it was never supposed to do. This one I really liked for a couple months. Mounted in a closet out of site. The short attachment still does work really well. But the wand stops spinning for no apparent reason. I’ve cleaned the roller and it still happens. Now I have a problem with it shutting off. I have to let go of the trigger and try again, it usually works for another 5 minutes then shuts off again. My other two stand ups both have little suction and one sounds like a jet engine. I’ve gotten lots of refurbs from Woot, but never had a problem with the exception of a Denon receiver that we are currently trying “fixes”. Sad for the cost and bold advertisement about not losing suction. No longer a Dyson fan, clearly. I say good day.

How come WOOT never sells Dysons?

I have one of these units and I don’t use it daily but probably about 4 times a week for quick pickups and running across my tiles floors for debris and dustbunnies. I wouldn’t expect it to do a huge carpet, but for my two large throw rugs in my house it is perfect. LIGHTWEIGHT!!! is the way to go. Easy to charge and empty the canister. It has enough charge to do what I need it to do. I also love the fact that it is easy to break down to smaller sized and I can touch up my car interior.

This may be a silly question, but even the Dyson website wasn’t helpful.

What’s the difference between these and the Animal models? They all seem to have motorized heads for removing pet hair from furniture.

Picked up one of these from Woot last time and I absolutely love it! It gets used all the time in our house for carpet, stairs, hardwoods and even getting those pesky ceiling cobwebs.

If the short attachment works ok, the problem might be in the regular head that goes on the long wand, especially if it’s turning itself off after a few minutes. I know you cleaned the roller but try taking it off again anyway and peer into the opening inside it. If you don’t see daylight coming from the other side, something’s stuck in there. It usually happens to me when I vacuum stuff up that I should probably just bend over and pick up with my hands, like small pets and Krugerrands. Anything that gets stuck in the head can be dislodged with something long and skinny, like a chopstick and once that’s done, suction and running time return to normal. At least for me.