Dyson DC35 Multi Floor Cordless Vacuum

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Dyson DC35 Multi Floor Cordless Vacuum
Price: $169.99
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Possibly a weird question, but would this be chargeable through a regular car cigarette lighter socket?

I’m really interested in having a real vac in the car, and not some lightweight underpowered thing, but it would be nicer still if it could live in the car trunk.

Also, any idea of the battery life? Seems key in this being a good value purchase or not if the replacement batteries cost the earth.

same price can get new one from ebay.

I’d think for your use, I’d wait for the DC34 to come up again. Apparently the same unit, but without all the household floor accessories, and about 70 bux less. Seems to be a better fit for something destined to live and work in your car.

Dunno about the 12v. charging…

I have this item and use it primarily for the car, it hangs just inside the garage door. There are times when I keep it in the back of the car, then recharge after a few uses.
I’m sure if you looked at the output of the AC charger it would be simple to find a charger on ebay for it.
I bought this for my wife for quick clean ups around the house(instead of dragging out the vac), it gets much more use as my car vac.

I’ve been skeptical of Dysons ever since I first saw them on here. But I got the new version of this, the V6, not too long ago off eBay for $239 new. These are great little vacuums. You just can’t clean your whole house with them b/c in standard mode, they last 15-20 minutes and in the “max” mode only about 5-7 minutes. But they are perfect for a quick run over a kitchen, family room or stairs.

Link? Source? Anything?

Is this the same model that Wally world has for $169 new? http://www.walmart.com/ip/Dyson-DC35-Origin-Cordless-Hand-Held-Vacuum-White/39671312

sometimes the rotating brush just stops. keep the battery connects clean. otherwise this vacuum is a workhorse. well worth the money.

From what I can tell they are different. This one comes with extra tools that the one from walmart does not have included. This is the one at walmart that I believe is similar to the one on Woot. http://www.walmart.com/product/15819143

It doesn’t appear to have all of the attachments that this one does.