Dyson DC35 Multi Floor Vacuum

How does this compare to a full sized Dyson, for what looks like nearly the same price?

Insert gratuitous “great, it’s another Dyson, Woot’s falling off a cliff since Amazon bought it, wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” comment here.

On the fence. Anyone want to talk me into it.

The battery life is not the best, however you are dealing with high powered suction, so it is understandable. Great for a quick clean up job though (like my car mats), and it is very light weight

I bought the LG vacuum here on Tuesday and just got notification that it is being delivered today. Amazing!

So, wait…is this a vacuum cleaner with a detachable vacuum head to make it a portable vacuum, or a vacuum cleaner with a portable vacuum built into the vacuum handle of the regular vacuum, making it some sort of Transformers-esque super vacuum vacuum? I’m confused.

Refurbished…is there a warrenty?

You can get a second battery for about $35, and charge one while using the other (the inability to do this was the major drawback of the DC 16 series)

I bought a DC31 “animal” and the DC35’s extension tube, but the smaller brush-head on the DC31 is just too small to use as a floor-vac. Tempted by this one…

It’s listed right below the write-up. 6 month Dyson warranty. :slight_smile:

This is a great vacuum cleaner. I bought one last time because I have a 3 story house with a short term rental in the basement. We clean the rental multiple times a week most weeks. This thing is a dream. I find it extremely easy to use, so great to take up and down the stairs, the empty feature is quick and clean.

Note - suggest making sure there is not very far between the bottom of the vacuum and the bottom of the trash, this thing picks up tiny particles and they can go everywhere…but if they do you have a great vacuum to clean them back up!

Regarding battery life, I have the charger on the second floor, and typically I am not vacuuming more than one floor of the house. I have YET to run out of a battery charge. Perhaps some people have huge houses with a lot of thick carpet, but I have the thing set on MAX power and I can easily vacuum and entire floor. Perhaps partly because it gets done so fast.

I have been finding myself using it in the hall and on the kitchen floor to because it is so easy to grab out of the broom closet (the broom is just sitting there now…replaced).

Perfect timing…something to sweep up the shredded pieces of my awful March Madness bracket!

My office has one of these for cleaning during the day.

If the unit weight isn’t too heavy for you (it isn’t for me), it is the most maneuverable and convenient vacuum I’ve ever used.

It does not have the same suction power overall as a full-sized floor unit, and the brush head is air-powered vs. motorized. I’ve never used it enough to run out the battery, since the office building does the real cleanup work at night.

I’d say that you would need a very small space in order to make it your primary vacuum, and not have to vacuum in ‘stages’ (say, bedrooms on mondays, etc). It is really good for spot cleaning though, so may be appropriate for pet owners and those with children.

Speaking of which, I managed to get several coworker’s younger children to vacuum part of the office with this unit, and they were fighting for their turn. I told one of the parents “see, this is why Dyson vacuums are worth the money”

You may jump off the fence.

Simple, yet effective.

Go for it. I LOVE, LOVE mine. Best thing I have bought in a long time.

I bought one when I first saw it at Costco, I think it was $350 or more. Anyways it is cordless and very light. So using it is very convenient. It has the power to produce a very strong suction. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Unfortuately for my wife, since she is the one really using it all the time (because I don’t clean), she didn’t like the fact that she had to keep the trigger pulled at all times during the use. Otherwise she would have liked it. I don’t see using this vacuum to replace larger units, because it is battery powered and who knows how long it would last before running out. During the period we had it, I never ran out of power so I don’t know the true battery life rating of the unit. I would’ve kept the vacuum but, she made me return it. I will probably purchase 2-3 of these units for myself once I start doing better financially. One for the garage, and 2 at work.

looks like a weed eater on the thumbnail

I actually just bought one of these yesterday at Meijer! It is $299 but they give you a $60 Meijer gift card with the purchase (this week only). So $10 more for a new one with a 2 year warranty. I haven’t used it enough to give a review. Bought this to replace our 12 year old Dirt Devil. All the reviews I’ve seen are overall great. Will be using this in a 2 bedroom apartment.

Only reason why I clicked.