Dyson DC35 Multi Floor Vacuum

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Light enough for a woman, powerful enough for a man.

DYSONs DYSONs everywhere!
Well, at least on WOOT and HOME WOOT!


Anyone know of a vacuum that doesnn’t suck? ha!

Ah, it’s the confusing “is the vacuum on the vacuum or is the vacuum on the vacuum handle vacuum?” again!




Oh, and kudos to ThunderThighs for teaching me how to do the above :wink:

I bought this last time it was up on Woot… and although it was refurbished, it arrived in like-new condition.

I have hardwood floors downstairs and a dog that sheds like crazy. I use this to vacuum up all the furballs that collect around the house. For this, it works great. You have to empty the bin after each use, but that’s OK.

I connected the brush and vacuumed my bedspread where the cat lays - although the brush isn’t super-powerful, it works OK and got the cat fur off my bed.

All in all, I’m very happy with this purchase. It’s quick and easy to use, and so far, has met all my expectations.

I hope this model works better than their other hand-held. Looks basically the same without the end attachment. Now THAT is a vacuum that doesn’t suck! It dies after about 30 seconds.

I’ve found the battery life on the DC35 to be as advertised.

Here’s a video review!

This is an even better deal than when Woot had it last on Feb 12 @ $249.

The motor is not as noisy as you would think - except on the MAX setting, which, BTW will leave the battery gasping after about 7 minutes on average. Even on the MAX setting (which does offer an actual performance boost above the already-excellent cleaning) the noise is not that annoying. However, I have teenagers, so YMMV.

Recharge time depends on how far down the battery is discharged, but plan on about two hours on average. We purchased a second battery from Dyson, and keep it topped up, as we tend to use this little beauty several times a day, all over the house. With two batteries fully charged, you can get about 30 - 35 minutes total cleaning time. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but I could vac our house (2600 sq feet) easily with this in less time than that.

If you do get an extra battery, remember that running this little guy continuously for too long can result in the motor getting hot, and shutting down for a bit to cool off. Only had it happen twice in the last 18 months, but it is a possibility. Typically, I stop while cleaning to move a chair, pick up toys, etc. and so the machine is not on non-stop.

And yes, you DO have to hold the trigger down when you are using it. Probably the worst thing I can say about it.

We love ours so much that I would not hesitate to purchase another. It is very easy to use, and lightweight.

Apparently it is Dyson Day on Woot.

And Kudos to you for using a Star Trek picture!!

We desperately need a vacuum as our Bissell Little Green Steam Machine died and our Dyson handheld vac has a 2 second battery life, but it’s because of that battery that I can’t bring myself to buy another Dyson. I’d always heard such good things about them, but my Woot purchased Dyson handheld is one of the worst things I’ve ever bought. No battery life at all. :frowning:

My condo doesn’t have screens, nor are we allowed to. (fancy schmancy uppity management… they say it will mess up the “facade” of the building) With the lovely spring weather, I’ve been able to open my windows wide to let the nice air in, then use this with the wand attachment to catch any wasps, flies, or other winged intruders when I close my windows. Works awesome, i just make sure the windows are the brightest thing in the condo (no lights on) they all go to the windows and I vacuum them right up!!!

Juuuuust don’t empty the canister right away… I felt like a complete i.d.i.o.t. the first day as I celebrated how easy it was to catch the wasp then proceeded straight to the trash bin and released the ticked off little bugger!

Decided to pull the trigger on this one. I bought my other dyson on woot 6 years ago and it’s still going strong; good as new.

I do, and it’s a Dyson.

Get thee a Miele Vacuum and not only does it sucks (or not suck as in the case of the Dyson), it’s the last vacuum you’ll ever have to buy.
"Power1200-watt, high-output Miele-made Vortex Motor SystemTM " (and that’s for the starter model)

Miele: Welcome to Miele – Immer Besser
ANY of their vacuums beat Dyson hands down in power, durability and performance.
They also come in multiple configurations -
Stick Vacuums

Make sure your Miele isn’t a cheap knock off, the true Miele’s say on the bottom “Made in Germany”

I went though 4 vacuums (including a Dyson) in the span of a year. My Miele works like Nature intended for 10 years now.
You do the math!

I bought this the last time it was offered. Refurb had definitely been used, mine doesn’t work right but Dyson is sending me the new part without any hassle. When I can get mine to work, it’s obvious that the design is pretty darn good and I think they’ve eliminated nearly everything I hate about vacuuming!

Additional commentary: http://home.woot.com/Forums/ViewPost.aspx?PostID=4923121

I bought this Dyson (new, from Target) last fall and I could not rave about it enough. I’m disabled and have trouble “planting” my right leg to push against it (such as pushing a grocery cart or push against a mop). This vacuum is incredibly light and moves across the floor easily, without requiring significant physical effort from me. The center of gravity is obviously quite high, which is a little awkward; for me, it makes it easier to manouver because of the weirdness of my disability: it’s easier to stay balanced because I can manouver it with my upper body instead of being pulled off balance and falling if I try to push from my feet. However, it doesn’t like to stand upright, so I actually put it on the floor if I need to stop to move yet another dog toy or block or whatnot. For people with disabilities or reduced strength due to aging (I’m picturing my gtandmother towards the end of her life, whem she could no longer handle her central vac and was Very Upset), I highly recommend this Dyson.

I use it execusively on hard wood floors (plus one room with tile). It’s amazing how much dirt it picks up! It can be a little too “sucky”: I spent an hour last weekend cleaning out a major clog in the floor-part. See, the Dyson looked like it was happy to pick up those relatively large pieces of shredded tissue and stuffed-squirrel-guts, but they didn’t make it up the hose, and then started to form a blockage that eventually clogged the entire width of the hose. I managed to clean it out, but be aware that the Dyson’s appetite is voracious is both good and bad ways.

We have two seasons here (mud and salt-or-sand) and the many little feet running around the yard track amazing amounts of stuff into the house. It’s almost impossible for me to mop, so I run the vaccum over the main paths inside the house: it’s so good at picking up stuff that it truly reduces the need for mopping. I’ve only had the battery die on me once and that was after several uses without being charged. Other than the difficulty of storing it on the floor, which could be addressed by using the charging stand if I had time to install it, I can’t think of anything negative to say about it - except that it’s too willing to suck stuff up that it can’t quite process! It’s very easy to take apart, however, unlike my grandparents’ vacuum, so the clog was easy to remove - and basic maintainance cleaning is also very easy.

In other words: this vacuum SUCKS and I especially recommend it for people with disabilities or who have trouble maneuvering a more traditional vacuum.

I want my power tools to plug into an outlet. You don’t know how many times I have went to drill a hole with my cordless drill and ran out of battery power 3 seconds from finishing.