Dyson DC35 Multi Floor Vacuum

I love my Dyson Stowaway. This handheld would be great for cleaning the car–no cords. :slight_smile:

Maybe you can buy 10 and donate them to wounded warriors with tbi, or amputees.

In for one - I really hope it sucks!

Looks like a mop with a motor on the end. Also looks like I can edge my lawn with it. Maybe some tweaks and I can do just that.

A video, just for you.

For those individuals that are concerned as I was about refurbished products from Dyson do realize that Dyson includes a letter with product describing stating what they fixed in the unit.

I am in for one especially to be able to get to those places my full size Dyson can’t get to.

If you buy this P.T. Barnum will be laughing in his grave.

Bought this when it was up two weeks ago, refurbished as well. Received it looking brand new. Wife loves it, mostly for the stairs. Sucks all the black lab shedding and tuxedo cat hairs with no sweat. She mostly loves the way it turns on the ball for the tight turns and maneuvering. Very light in weight and the trigger isn’t an issue, especially for gun enthusiasts.

I did notice that the sucking was weak at first, but after a second or two of operation, it picks up. The MAX mode also enhances the suckage.

The only issue I have is that she installed the wall mount right where a closet door opens; I have to take the vacuum off the wall to open the closet door - SMH.

Overall, great Woot.

BTW I think this would be a great Mother’s Day Gift…yes I know that Mother’s Day Gifts should not be cooking or cleaning items, but this is a DYSON!!!

Enough said…

I bought a refurb cordless Dyson and the battery life was horrible - two minutes at best, or less if it was cold (vacuuming the vehicle on a cold day it lasted just a few seconds).

A new third-party battery fixed the battery but Dyson should have not shipped the refurb with a worn out battery.

I like the design on this, but I wish it wasn’t cordless. I have absolutely no luck with rechargeable batteries of any kind.


FT’WAA?? Why is this sweeping looking thing more expensivo than the real vacum?? am I missing something? It “sucks” that this one is more expensive :frowning:

This is my first Woot comment, but I had to come on and say that I LOVE this vacuum!

We have hardwood floors, 3 dogs and 5 cats (you do the math on the amount of hair we have at this time of year!) We have some roombas that do a great job, but there is still hair & kitty litter around the place, plus the stairs where the roomba doesn’t go. This Dyson is GREAT for a quick run around to get all of the loose hair, dirt, litter, you name it, and keep the house clean (we are terrible for getting the big vacuum out & dealing with the cord, etc).

The battery lasts while I do the whole house (about 2200 square feet), including the stairs and I even use it on some area rugs & it does a decent job - gets up loads of hair. That’s without even using it on MAX so it would probably be even better if I did.

I have had other cordless vacs which were useless - this one works great and is so easy to use! I love the attachments for getting into crevices. Really, I could go on and on (sad, but true). I love it. It has made my life easier & my house cleaner.

I’m actually in for 2 more so I have one on each floor of the house so I can grab one even quicker when I need it.

Needless to say, I highly recommend it.

(In all honesty, the one I have was new, not a refurb, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this Woot refurb is just as good).

I purchased this after the last woot offering (same price).
Pros: It arrived like new and it works great. We have a 1200 sq foot house, mostly hardwood, some carpet. I recently refinished one of the hardwood floors and meticulously cleaned the dust from the floor with a shop-vac and a damp rag (lest the dust get caught in my finish). Months later, upon using this Dyson, the bin collected a multitude of red fir dust (where was it hiding?). It does a great job on our molting Malamute hair collection. It is easy to clean the ash from around our woodstove. And, for our size house, I can’t imagine anything more effective. Finally, the engineering is great, it mounts in our laundry room and takes no more space than the mop next to it.
Cons: When using the brush bar it seems to resist being pulled backwards. My wife says her wrist gets a little tired given all the weight of the unit is in the handle rather than on the floor. If one had more carpet than hardwood, I would think this would be more cumbersome than a traditional vacuum (refer to con #1).
Overall, with my situation, I am very pleased.

Exactly my thoughts, this battery powered handheld unit is much less useful than the full sized corded unit being sold on woot.com, yet they are charging $30 more!

I purchased this same item (when it was just a woot special deal for $40 more) for my animal hospital. Suffice it to say, it works great for pet hair. My staff loves this little thing and they are using it constantly. Not too loud, sounds like an electric drill and they are cleaning so much more bc they do not have to lug out the shop vac. Actually today they found out that had worn off the little flet floor protectors, but adhesive loop side velcro would fix this. And it’s perfect for surgeries as well. So if you have this unique situation, I highly recommend it!

Yes, it works on Macs. But now I need a new keyboard.

I also bought this vacuum when it was up a couple of weeks ago. When mine arrived the release button on the bottom of the extension tube broke the first time I used it. I called up Dyson, and they said that they didn’t have any spares of that one little piece yet, because it was a relatively new product, so they were sending me a whole new tube assembly, gratis. That’s what I call customer service!

I live in a 700sqft NYC apartment with 3 roommates (all guys) and they’re relatively dirty. I’m the neat-freak of the apartment. We have all hardwood floors, except for one 10’x10’ area rug, and we need to clean one or two times a week to keep it looking respectable. Lugging out the old canister vac was a pain (especially because we have a lot of hallways) I find that the dyson is a lot easier to use, especially because it’s cordless. Unlike the canister, where I had to turn the brush off on hardwood to keep from destroying the finish, with the Dyson’s soft bristles it doesn’t matter that the brush stays on, and it seems to do as good of a job on hardwood as my trusty old Kenmore. On the one medium pile carpet that we have, it doesn’t do as good a job, however. On normal it can occasionally take a couple passes to pick everything up, and is a little tough to move. On turbo it does a pretty good job–almost, but not quite as good as my old Kenmore.

In short, if you have a lot of tile and hardwood, get it, if you’re going to be vacuuming carpets alld day, you should probably pass on it.

Perfect for surgeries? When in doubt vacuum it out? :wink:

Does this one have HEPA filter? If so, is it washable?