Dyson DC35 Multi Floor Vacuum

Much better than the single floor model.

Wait a minute. You’ve used that line before!

This would be great for cleaning out your car if that’s what your into

Who is going to be the first to say this sucks?

Here it was last time
I remember people saying the battery life was marginal on this. My cell phone battery dies quickly so I charge an extra one on an external charger.

Can you buy an extra battery for this and charge it externally?

Apparently, you. :tongue:

Not really, I never said it sucked just said who was going to be the first one to say it.

this really is a great vaccum BUT the price is just not good enough. with a coupon from bed bath & beyond i can get a brand new one with hassle free returns, so why this one.

Good question.

I know how much you guys like 24 minute commercials so here you go:
[youtube=iye8-qaAPTw] [/youtube]

Here is a video review

Amazon has these for 329 dollars new with almost 200 5 star reviews. 4.5 star average.

$329 new at dyson proper too. 328 reviews over there with a 4.5 star review average

Found the same model - manufacturer refurb - at ebay for $249, with free shipping. Still $15 less here.

Actually, here’s the last time that it was offered on home.woot. It’s since been offered on sellout within the past two weeks, which is how I found deals.woot/ATC, but I can’t find a link to that discussion. Here is my review specifically; I won’t bore everyone by repeating what I said before, but I’ll note that as we’ve gotten further into Mud Season here, my fondness for this vacuum has merely increased. It’s simply amazing, IMHO, and I highly recommend it for people with mobility problems or people with difficulty pushing/pulling weight. Or people who own dogs that attempt to transfer all the dirt in the yard into the living room. :slight_smile:

No. That being said, I’ve never had a problem with it running out of battery while I was using it and I don’t even charge it every time that I use it.

Listen I can’t afford one but I really really want one so why don’t one of you fine folks just gift one of these to me…
Please :D…
Thanks in advance…

got 1 a couple offerings back. great for: car, non-carpeted rooms & quick pick ups. for general cleaning, the vac is a glorified stick vac. it’s definitely not a true replacement for a full strength vac if you have carpet, that being said… it’s a GREAT daily vac. i’ve had the battery stop on me once when i was doing a deep vac job (behind entertainment center, couch, chairs), but that was the only time. it can clog easily if you try to suck up anything finger sized (pinkie even), the tube from floor brush to extension is pretty small, as is the immediate opening into main unit. the floor brush has a coin openable lock for removing the brush which makes it very easy to clean, and helps to get access to the clogs that will likely occur. there is a button on the main unit for adjusting suction for normal to high, and i’ve found it easy to gravitate to the high setting, even though most of the time it’s not really warranted. so used to my old LOUD vac that i click the louder max setting. i love the portability of this vac and the ease of use. if u need a daily quick cleaner i highly recommend. it’s flaws are easily outweighed by it’s attributes.

no bag…so it’s canister? doesn’t emptying that create a dust cloud?

aside from the price and my fondness for bed bath certificates, does anyone know anything about the quality of the vacuum other then battery life?

I’ve been looking for a vacuum for a while and I’m wondering if this fits the bill.

I have allergies and so I’m looking for a vacuum that will banish all dust (hepa filter, yada yada), but that’s really lightweight, moves about easily, and great on hard surfaces.

My situation:
Except for two square feet of carpet in a closet that I guess people forgot to yank when they were changing the floors, I have only linoleum and fake hard wood floors. But I also need to vacuum a couch, and some shades, so I need the attachments. And because without a vacuum hose to suck air out of stuff those storage bags are much less useful.

I have an apartment, not a house, so I can’t go outside and shake a canister out in the garden I don’t have. And my place isn’t really that big, so being able to go cordless is appealing and I don’t need a super long battery life. Also I don’t have lots of uncovered floor, so I need a vacuum that can easily go around and under (tables, bed, chairs) and come right up to things. Everything’s on pads, so it moves very easily to clean or redecorate, but if you don’t clean right to the edge of everything, the pads build up dust and dirt really quickly and have to be changed too often.

Basically, I’m looking for a great vacuum that can do carpet, but is really good for hard surfaces, with all the extensions for up high, crevices, window drapes, and that’s lightweight, has great moveability and is good for apartment living.

So for those of you that know this vacuum, does this fit the bill? Do any of the dysons that appear on here regularly? Should I be watching woot for a particular dyson, or should I look elsewhere? Are you in a similar situation and have other tips and stuff for me? Really any information would help, I’m not a very vacuum literate person.

By far… this model is my favorite of my 4 Dysons… I’m a junkie, yes I know… But I’m no where near rock bottom yet, so don’t waste any effort trying to reform me.

Why do I feel this model is so great?.. is quick, easy, and lightweight to grab for daily quick “sweeps” for pet hair. It is very versatile, and not just for floors… this model is great for gathering excess dust behind the TV, sweeping keyboards, tabletops, and and even hunting down and eliminating and annoying moth or fly. I don’t have any problem with the battery life, I usually have to TRY to run the battery out while using if I want to charge it.

This model is much more powerful and more useful than the similar DC31, I have both and am very glad I splurged for the DC35… they are very different!

It you have a small apartment you really could manage fine with just this DC35 as your main vac, and it is a breeze to store.

has a hepa, and it has such a small canister u hav to empty every use. never had any “cloud” issues with it. if it had a large collection bin maybe, or if you overfill it.

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I can’t answer to the carpet… I have hard floors and washable rugs… but for all other uses you mentioned you will love.

I also have horrible allergies, and have no problems dumping the canister… it drops from the bottom, and all the Dysons kinda clump the dusty stuff into clumpy stuff… so I don’t notice a “poof” like my moms old vacuum.

Being able to use this to grab dust off surfaces other than the floor would likely also be a help to you.

In my opinion this is exactly the Dyson model for you due to the following needs… Small space… primarily hard surfaces… wanting to reach up high.

I have 4 Dysons… the full size models take A LOT of storage space. With this one being small and handy, you will also use it much more often (better for allergies). I will be buying this model for my mother for Christmas.

BTW-- with allergies, if you are able eliminate all fabrics that are not washable. If renting, try to swap out washable curtains for the duration of your stay if you can.

An air purifier had also been an immense help to my allergies. Good ones are pricy, but very worth it for allergy sufferers… especially bedside as you sleep.

Okay, so I am looking to buy a hand vacuum in the next 24 hours. And this thing looks good, but extremely expensive for what it does. Why would I choose this product, over say this Eureka vacuum for 1/4th the price and much higher ratings? http://www.amazon.com/Eureka-71B-Hand-Held-Vacuum/dp/B0006HUYGM/ref=sr_1_1?s=vacuums&ie=UTF8&qid=1338018273&sr=1-1

Is there something special about this vacuum besides its strength that I’m missing? I’m planning on using it to clear my room, which is comprised of wood floors.