Dyson DC35 Multi Floor Vacuum



This is a great vacuum. I bought it from costco awhile back. I was kind of iffy about the cordless aspect as cordless vacuums usually have suction issues, but I haven’t had ANY issues whatsoever. It will give 15 minutes of continuous (and extreamly powerful) suction on regular, and there is also a max setting that will last 6 minutes of continuous vacuuming before you need to charge it. Rather than the suction just getting crappy when it starts to run out of battery, it will give it’s all right to the very end and then just stop working. For me, this was great because I hate going over an area only to realize that the suction was terrible. Overall this is a great vacuum, mounting it on the wall was easy, it’s small and unobtrusive, it’s really powerful and honestly, it’s just fun to use.


I’m confused. Is this the Dyson DC35 Multi Floor Vacuum (blue) as pictured, or the Dyson DC35 Multi Floor Vacuum (purple) with pet hair attachment as pictured.

The pictures show two different models.


Since it just lists the “crevice tool” and not the “pet hair attachment,” my money is on the blue model. Although I’d rather it be the purple.


Dang it! Almost pulled the trigger on this one, that is until I read the amazon reviews about having to constantly pull the trigger to keep it running. le sigh I shall wait for another Dyson opportunity, as I feel there will be another during this woot!-off.


if i order one because i want the upholstery attachment, which is shown in one of the pictures, and it does not come with it, can i have one for free?

can we get a mod up in here?


I was about to order this then I noticed something. The “In the box” section does not list the motorized floor tool or the extension. Just the crevice tool and the combination accessory tool. If that is really the case this is a pretty horrible deal. I paid just a touch over $200 for ours last Xmas, brand new in the box, with everything…


Just ordered one based on what is in the picture, but looking at what is listed in the box, I am not sure I want it now. Can someone please clarify what is included? There is one on amazon for 199 that list the motorize head.


It can be had brand new for $239 with free shipping and more attachments on the net. Also this comes with a 6 month warranty. New one comes with a 2 year. So is $60 worth not getting the extra attachments and losing 1.5 years of warranty coverage? Is that battery new or used… all LiOn batteries have a limited number of charge/discharge cycles before they die…


They just added the word “Blue” to the title, but the purple pet version pictures are still there.

That means it does not come with the motorized accessory.


I do not see it for less than 299. The refurb on Amazon is 199 and it shows the motorized brush but does not list it as in the box. They have a whole section of the description about the motorized brush so it must be part of the base and not listed in the box for that reason.


I almost ordered, but think I will wait a few days to see what I can do for a new one. They are saying the DC44 should be able to be had for $299 on Black Friday, or possibly less with any coupons etc, (don’t know). Still don’t know if the DC44 is worth $120 more?? Anyone use both of them?


The vacuum is blue. Sorry, we only had images of the purple with the motorized head and wand, which we were informed customers will get.

Shop on, friends!


ok, so that means the order I placed, is for a blue, and it will include the motorized brush, wand, crevice tool and the tool with the bristles? So all the contents in the picture titled - Blue DC35 Package Contents. That is a good deal then.


Excellent. I’m sure most people don’t really care about the color except that it generally denotes the features.

As long as it comes with the motorized head to pick up animal fur it could be neon pink and I wouldn’t care (much).


I did my research reading reviews on both the DC35 and DC44. Found that the extra suction and run time that the DC44 offers was worth the extra cost. Found a deal on Amazon that by using DYSON20 I saved 20% and received free shipping. Total cost for a brand new DC44 Animal, 319.20. Got it yesterday and can’t wait to give it a try.


They updated the what is in the box also, it now list the motorized tool and the wand. Thanks woot!


Are you saying - Thanks for getting it right (clarity) the first time (sarcasm)?


as cheap as its going to get - with attachments, worth the price - doesn’t replace a corded product, but is pretty close and much more handy - if you need more than 15 minutes to vacuum, you need a corded product


bought this last week… new, not refurbished at retail. i love love love this!!! you do have to keep your finger on the trigger, but it’s for quick clean ups, so it’s ok.