Dyson DC35 Multi Floor Vacuum


I can appreciate if you’re working within a color scheme! :slight_smile: But yeah, as noted above things should be all updated for folks.


since Dyson has a 25% off coupon at all retailers this weekend or at there online store… this refurbished model is no screaming deal at all… so sad too, I want this, but I’ll buy new and get warranty


To speak in woots defense. I find Dysons packaging confusing, blue denotes this, red this, purple that, etc. I am not a vacumn expert, I just like dyson products. Dysons website does not even help you out. Kudos to woot for responded and fixing the issue. Woot on.


I bought a similar refurb model (orange) from WOOT! a few years ago. The battery life was crap (3 minutes of use, tops), the recharging time worse, and the whole thing quit working at all in less than a year. By the time we found out it wouldn’t charge and/or come on anymore, we hadn’t used it in months, because it would never finish a job.


Anybody use one of these on a laminate floor (fake wood)? I’ve got one of those Ergo thingy vacuums and it doesn’t get the really small crumbs. We live in a 3 floor townhouse and when walking up the stairs, even if I’ve think I’ve thoroughly cleaned the floor, once I get eye level with it and the light is right, I can see I still missed plenty. Will this suck up all the crumbs or just push them around?


I second the above comment and in for one as I’m thinking the attachments will come with it.

Thanks guys!


Don’t forget, if you are going to buy brand new dyson, there is a 25% off on all vacs in dyson.com for thanks giving.


Got mine yesterday. It’s purple, which is fine, and came with all of the attachments. Unfortunately, the thumb latch to attach the attachments was broken and it won’t hold the attachments.


Quickest thing would be to contact Dyson. They should be able to send the part out to you. Sorry for the inconvenience. :frowning: