Dyson DC39 Ball Canister Vacuum-5 Colors

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Dyson DC39 Ball Canister Vacuum-5 Colors
Price: $189.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I purchased one of these from Woot a few years ago. Great vacuum, excellent suction. But it has multiple points where it clogs, such that I am familiar w/ the many twists and turns stuff takes to get to the canister (and how to unclog them). I have two dogs, one a chewer, such that I usually pick up smallish (and larger) pieces of stuff either w/ a shop vac first or by hand, before i use the Dyson. I realize this Dyson is not meant to do the work of a shop vac & that there is only so much you can expect a vacuum to pick up. But keeping that in mind I feel this vacuum still gets clogged up more than I would like or expect.

So for clarification, this is the version w/o the attachments, yes?

I looked online and can’t find any kind of rating for how loud this machine is. My Kenmore Canister Vac was low in decibels compared to other models at the time. I don’t want one so loud that it’s ear-splitting. Can anyone comment on the loudness factor?

Does this come with other attachments?

I used to have a Kenmore Elite something or other canister before I bought a Dyson about 3 years ago. I find the Dyson much quieter. I have not had any problems clogging with my Dyson either.

I bought one of these from Costco, returned it a week later. I paid much more than this (it wasn’t a refurb), and did NOT think it was worth the money. I didn’t think it picked up any better than my Kenmore and emptying the canister was a huge pain. I returned it and bought another Kenmore.

Sale is updated with this information on attachments:

• (1) Dyson DC39 Ball Canister Vacuum
• (1) Stair Tool
• (1) Crevice Tool

Under “SPECS” in the “In The Box” area, it says, (1) Dyson DC39 Ball Canister Vacuum. Since it’s a refurb, I’m guessing it’s just the refurb canister vac with NO attachments. At Dyson.com, the same vac is $399 with a 5 year warranty. You get the stair tool and combo tool, plus 3 other tools that you can choose. $189 sounds like a good deal, but with NO attachments and only 6 month warranty, I’m still not sure…

EDIT: Just saw the post where the attachments are added. Okay, so you get 2 tools. For anyone purchasing this, check out Dyson’s website. I had no idea this unit has some really handy tools you can purchase for it. My old Kenmore doesn’t even come close. BUT I REALLY like the 5 year warranty on a NEW model versus the refurb! I think I’ll spend the extra $100 and get the purple one on Amazon with the longer warranty! $189 is just too steep for only 6 months warranty IMO.

Agree…I had purchased it before the post mentioned that the description was updated for the box contents and was going off the pictures that clearly show the handle and power head attachment which would make this a fair price for a Refurb. Get the box in today and just got home and opened it to find I don’t have everything. Pull the item back up and then start reading this comments to find out the truth. I just feel like I have to go through the hassle of now getting it sent back and wait for the refund. What a pain.

Same here … am quite upset with woot …