Dyson DC41 All Floors Vacuum - 4 Colors

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Dyson DC41 All Floors Vacuum - 4 Colors
Price: $199.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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4.4 Stars over at Overstock

so how can I tell if this is a refurb, or if it is a refurbished refurb? They all get put back into the mix. I only want one that has been fixed once - not twice.

Love my Dyson! I have a DC41 as well. My only complaint is that the upright locking mechanism has a tendency to unlock if you don’t push the top of the vac all the way forward when you’re finished using it. It’s really sensitive. If you try to roll the vac across thick carpet on its back wheels when it’s upright, it will usually unlock on you.

After my last Refurbished Dyson product purchase from Woot, I won’t be buying any Dyson products whatsoever going forward.
I have photos of the condition I received my Dyson Animal DC44 if you would like to see what they consider acceptable for refurbished (think so much use, the trigger button is worn from being pushed in so many times).
I contacted Dyson directly about the condition of my “refurbished” product to find out if this was how they normally shipped out refurbished parts and after the representative saw the photos, they had no problem with the condition of the refurb. The power cord had a hole rubbed in the cord - I received it that way. The Dyson support rep replaced the power adapter and the battery after some arm pulling. The Dyson rep was very helpful and was very adamant about me being happy with my purchase but the fact they were ok with the condition I received my product disturbed me that there wasn’t any real concern for the fact the item didn’t look returned, it looked used, heavily.

Is the purple color the “Animal” version?

Typically that color is reserved for that type of vacuum for Dyson.

Please confirm, and thank in advance.

Edit: Or are all DC41’s animal versions, regardless of color?

Purple is animal version which would have come with extra accessories when purchased new, but because these are all refurbished it looks like you just only get the base accessories no mater what color.

see- I told you- it’s possible to get a refurbished refurb. Vacs fixed 2 or more times and then re-sold.

I bought one at the last sale. I have to say that I love my Dyson! I had it shipped to my mom’s, as I wasn’t sure I’d be moving by that time. It arrived in a couple of days, and then I arrived a day or so afterwards.

My mom vacuums regularly, but the Dyson made her carpet look as if it had just been cleaned. Wow! She told me that whatever I had paid for it, the price was worth it.

With respect to it’s being refurbished, yes, mine was. The DC41 Animal version generally comes with the tangle-free turbine tool. The refurbished doesn’t, so if you really want that tool, you’ll need to buy it from Dyson. My canister was clean, but no longer crystal clear, and a couple of the labels on the canister were hard to read. I didn’t have any other obviously used parts on mine.

If you’re worried about the w00t! warranty, there’s a Dyson store on ebay that sells the refurbished Dysons with a longer warranty. That said, you are likely to pay more than what you see here.

Bought this same vacuum from woot in april. The agitating brushes stopped turning essentialy turning my all floors vacuum into a hardwood floors vacuum only. Dyson was helpful, sent out a replacement brush head to see if it would correct the problem. It didn’t fix the problem. So I had to take it into a dyson approved repair shop one state away. Just got it back and I’m told it’s likely it will happen again.