Dyson DC41 All Floors Vacuum - Purple

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Dyson DC41 All Floors Vacuum - Purple
Price: $229.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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A ball vacuum sounds dangerous. I think a shower is safer assuming you don’t fall.

Very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at the O

A factory recondition at that price? This vacuum must really suck! :slight_smile:

I know people here make fun of how many times Dyson vacuums show up for sale, but I am tempted to grab a 2nd one at this price. Dyson stands behind their products and will give you support even if you supposedly are out of warranty. And the vacuums do a stellar job of cleaning. I have the Animal that isn’t a ball, and it’s the best vacuum I’ve ever had (7 years and still going strong, never even had a belt break.)

I bought a refurb Dyson DC25 ball vacuum from Woot 2.5 years ago and love it. It arrived looking like new, and has performed flawlessly. I had a question about it and called Dyson, and got a knowledgeable and friendly service rep with less than 5 minute hold time. The vacuum is great for pet hair. The ball make it very easy to navigate, and the extra long cord is nice because I can do one room, and move on to the next room without unplugging. Totally satisfied.

Love my dyson for all the reasons above, but especially how easy it is to remove the roller. Makes quick work of cleaning hair from the vacuum (my most hated post-cleaning chore).

A few few weeks ago I purchased the ‘Home Cleaning Kit’ which is 3 add-on accessories that make life even easier. In particular, the dusting attachment has turned dusting into a sneeze-free event. The articulating brush makes cleaning ledges and ceiling fan blades a breeze.

If something were to happen to my Dyson (a refurb running for 2+ years) I’d buy another one for sure.

I have been waiting for Woot to put up the DC41 for almost a year now. From what I found online, the DC41 is Dyson’s highest rated full-size vacuum. It is ~$400 new on Amazon, but everyone has always said excellent things about the refurbs that woot sells. Instant buy when I saw it this morning!

I bought a reconditioned DC41 more than two years ago and we love it. We did just spend $150 getting a cracked ball replaced, but it has seen a fair amount of use.

I keep hearing great things about the Shark Navigator–better than a Dyson, lighter, and easier to maneuver. Thoughts?

I should clarify–Shark Navigator Lift-Away

The Dyson DC25 has been discontinued, but in our tests the Eureka Suctionseal and Dyson DC41 scored identically for deep-cleaning carpets—mediocre. From Consumer Reports.

I bought my daughter one of the dysons about 3 years ago. She loves it and has never had any problems with it. Having said that, I bought a shark lift away and it is the best vacuum I’ve ever had. So easy to maneuver , the vacuum turns on a dime and the lift away is simple to detach/reattach and has a very good sized cylinder which is easy to empty. I also have a dyson stick. It’s nice but only runs 20 minutes on a charge and is not as powerful as my Shark. Both Dyson and Shark are great, but for my money, you could purchase a new shark lift away for the same price and it comes with the shark steamer as a bonus

IMHO Consumer reports consistently underrates the Dyson. My DC25 is way better then the Panasonic that Consumer reports rated number one the same year I bought it.

Thanks for the review! I went ahead and forked over the cash for the Dyson. I found this review online: http://www.cnet.com/products/shark-rotator-pro-lift-away/

Basically, if you’re talking new Dyson vs new Shark, Shark is the way to go for the money. But, since the cost is about the same for rebuilt Dyson vs new Shark, then Dyson wins.

Is it just me or woot sells more vacuums than oreck? I mean every other deal is a vacuum!..or, they have a sweat shop for oompa loompas in their backroom and they build better knock offs than the ones on canal st in NYC.

I bit on this. I have an Animal which is over 10 years old and I’ve only had to replace the wand hose for about $25. Very impressed with the quality and performance over the years. It just feels like its not picking up like it used to. I’m hoping this one is a bit lighter and more easily maneuverable.

A bias against Dyson.? I think not.
Dyson scores poorly in their tests is all there is to it. Dyson is overrated in all their products. I have a Dyson fan and it is so loud I cannot run it near the TV. But, it scores high on looks and fits in my IKEA house.