Dyson DC41 Animal - 2 Styles

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Dyson DC41 Animal - 2 Styles
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Time to check out the product page and check out this review over at cnet

4.4 Stars at Overstock

I bought a rehabed 41 a year or so ago on Woot and have been happy with it. The cap at the top of the handle was missing, but I attached one of the brushes, so it wasn’t a problem. Recently the belt broke, and when I twice called the Dyson help line, the recording stated that they were temporarily unavailable due to maintenance. I determined the problem was the belt as I had caught a piece of cloth in the beater bar. Unfortunately, there are no belt repair videos for the 41 on the Dyson or Youtube sites. I eventually found a belt on Amazon, which was the exact dimensions. Fitting the belt took an hour, but eventually I got it to work. Maybe one reason why there are so many Dyson rehabs is because of belt assembly design. Now that I know the problem, I am tempted to buy another, as I do like the machine…and now know I can repair it. But be aware…I understand from web discussions that Dyson wants you to buy the entire assembly if the belt breaks, and doesn’t sell the belt or explain how to fix the problem. However, as their help line was in a maintenance cycle, I can’t verify their help advice. I do like that this deal includes the tangle free brush…buying it seperately costs $60 if I remember correctly.

This is an awesome deal. I bought this from Sears for quite a bit more with the anti tangle tool. If you have an animal who sheds, I can’t imagine anything better. My last Dyson lasted 8 years, and it still works…it’s just gross. We use it to do the cars now.

Awesome deal, great vac. I have this one’s little brother (DC25) and love it. Not a thing wrong with it IMO. I have the turbine tool and it works great on stairs and furniture.

Considering this one too as it’s a bit larger…

Oh look, it’s a vacuum cleaner. Is that where they got the name Woot from? The sound of a vacuum sucking as you zip it across the carpet?

Works out slightly cheaper for this at the Dyson 'bay store right now…

What was the belt you found on Amazon?

I bought a refurb Dyson 14 a couple years ago & I, too, loved it - until the belt broke & I realized that there’s absolutely no mention of belts in the manual. As if the machine didn’t have one. I assume they expect you to take it to a Dyson-approved repair shop, which seems like a long way to go just to replace a vacuum belt. I purchased the assembly on amazon, but haven’t tried replacing it yet, bc I’m worried I might not have the hand-strength to do it properly. Anyway, I wish I’d known beforehand.

This is the belt I bought: http://www.amazon.com/Vacuum-Fix-DC41-Dyson-Replacement/dp/B00QL923SQ
Originally from Vacuum Fix, and goes for $8.95 and is a Prime item. There is another one out there, sold as a pair. But two of the responses stated that it was the wrong size. I found a place other than Amazon that sold the belt, but you had to buy a large quantity of belts. Vacuum Fix is still working for me.

Okay soooo I am definitely in for one of these. Been looking at these since Woot had the last Dyson up, which wasn’t the Animal line. I am just very, very, torn as to which one to get. I am not familiar with either of these tools and wonder which one offers the best value and would be best for me?

My dog is relatively short haired, but does shed frequently. Any advice from you experienced with Dyson would be great!

GRRR. I just bought the Dyson DC41 Animal less than a month ago for 239.00. Any chance of a price adjustment?

DEAD: Wow, that flash sale ended quick…

We bought a refurb of this model a few months ago and have generally been very happy with it. There’s something very satisfying about seeing all the dust, dirt, and hair, that fills the canister each time. I’d add that our Dyson arrived still broken. Our local authorized dealer made the repair for us, under warranty, without any hassle, though.

Ouch - I have the same buyer’s remorse and paid $10 more and got fewer attachments. Dang!

my wife bought one of these for full retail, I would say it performs pretty well, or maybe the small volume of the container makes it appear to outperform our other vacs.
the thing feels “flimsy” returning it to upright and locking is sometimes difficult, and there’s a lot of “play” when you move the handle around.
Ironically, she was so proud of it she left it out for the cleaning lady to use…our Brazilian cleaning lady with a heavy accent said “oh no thank you, those are terrible” and hauled in(and still hauls in) a 25 year old eureka canister vac.

“first sucker”… indeed.

Only a 6mo/180day warranty from Dyson seems weak considering it’s a refurb on a model w/ plenty of reported issues in customer reviews. I avoid electronics warranty plans like the plague but for this Overstock’s up to 3yrs Platinum Protection for another $30 might be worth it ($270 total b/4 shipping). Thoughts? Anyone had good/bad experience’s w/ O.co’s Platinum Protection service? http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Dyson-DC41-Animal-Upright-Vacuum-Refurbished/7658149/product.html

Then again protection plan reviews say you have to send the whole vacuum back for anything so add that to the extra $70 & maybe not worth it to you: http://www.overstock.com//2-Year-Platinum-Protection-Plan/3419237/customer-reviews.html