Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

I was thinking the same thing. Isn’t that one of the special features of a pet vacuum? I actually want to buy a dyson, but will just wait till a cheaper one is offered since they they seem to pop up here all the time.

Actually they did offer an Oreck yesterday.

I Think you might be over reacting just a bit haha.

Lucky for us you bought the NEW one… next year when you use that warranty we can pick yours up on a Woot off…snicker… wonder if you can mark it so we can track it…like Where’s George LMAO

ha…yeah i wanted the refurb. IF mine goes in for service, ill try to make some type of sharpie mark someplace and ill alert the Wooters. Still would rather have spend 300 than 450…but i still got a good deal compared to the 500-600 retail price range, so im happy

Who the hell buys 3 vacuum cleaners?


Well, thanks to Woot, I already HAVE 3 vacuum cleaners.

Does anyone know if this will ship by Christmas?

So this is really just the end of [fun] Woot, not the end of the world?

Trust me on this one, it’s a BAD idea to get your wife a vacuum cleaner for Christmas.

Not wife, my sister really wants this exact vacuum. I just need to know if it will ship in the next 10 days or so…

Unless it’s a Neato, but then again I get more satisfaction from the Neato than the lady friend.

Take a screen shot…print it put it in a big box…if she has a sense of humor tell her it’s dehydrated she just has to add water and poof it will be here in no time.

Or Amazon has a Toy Dyson on lightning deals up in 56 minutes that would be cute…

I bought mine refurbished from WOOT! So did my parents.

I remember someone relating a story last time that the reason there are so many ‘refurbs’ on Dyson is sort of breadwinner-sticker-shock, i.e. Daddy comes home, sees Mommy bought a $600 vacuum, makes her take it back…

So while my canister was a little dingy, it still works like a champ in a (small) house with six miserable cats.

I wish they would just add a VacuumWoot and be done with it. They can alternate days between Dyson and Roomba.

On a completely vacuum-unrelated note, thanks Woot for making this Woot-off last 3 days. I’ve been quite busy the last two days but I’m off work today and have nothing planned but playing Zelda, watching Home Alone 1 & 2, and refreshing Woot constantly. Hopefully there will be some good deals today, I have more (post-apocalypse) Christmas shopping to do and would love to finish up today.

I have bought two refurbs from woot so far, a canister and a dc24, even got a blueprint special edition on the dc24, and both have worked perfect and showed no signs of wear when opened, both looked brand new just not in a Dyson box.

I completely agree. When i was shopping for my Dyson, i looked at the 41, and found the ball to be more of a con than a pro. It was more maneuverable, but that was about the only reason it was better.

That’s another reason i skipped the 41 (and one of the major reasons i was looking to upgrade from my Dirt Devil). I got the 17, and it’s heavy enough to stay in place when you stretch the extension wand. The only problem is that you get a major arm workout when you try to clean anything above knee height. I’m hoping that through time, the coil will relax a bit.

I had a dyson ball vacuum. The air blows the dirt on the floor around while you’re trying to vacuum it up. Super annoying, I took it back and got one of those 7 pound orecks which I love.