Dyson DC41 Bagless Vacuum - 2 Colors

We really like ours (from w00t). It made my wife enjoy (well, not hate) vacuuming again.

Is Dyson really that much better? For the price one can get a hoover or bissell Vacuums with Steamers.

I bought a factory reconditioned Dyson 10 years ago and it has always, and to this day continues to run like a champion. I would highly recommend Dyson. I think they are that much better then the competition.

Don’t bother getting a Hoover or Bissell. They are the worst vacuums I ever used. The Hoover is very heavy and awkward and the Bissell looses it’s suction within 6 months. I am a professional House Cleaner and I swear by the Dyson cleaner they DO NOT loose any kind of suction and they deep clean your carpets. You may pay more for this vacuum, but your carpet cost way more to replace.
This is the very BEST vacuum I have ever used.

A human Dyson:


Yes- I realize the grammatical errors- please try and look past that.

I keep getting denied when trying to buy one this is pissing me off and they have no phone customer service so just playing the waiting game until they get to my email.

Is this the Dc41 Animal or Dc41 Animal Complete?

It’s the DC41 without the extra attachments that come with the Animal or Animal Plus version.

Sorry for the problems. It can be due to any of a number of things:

Check with your bank to see if they’re denying the charge

Make sure your billing address on your woot account info matches the billing address on the payment source.

Sometimes just restarting your computer helps.

From the write-up:

“Scorched pieces of the American flag”

Was that really necessary?

Got this from woot awhile back. My wife loves it! Not one complaint on it. Great deal!

Good question. I have a Bissel and I am considering a Dyson. The suction on the Bissel is excellent. It cleans really well. The bad things are that is is heavy and hard to maneuver around things. One of the attachments that fits in a nook carved into the back keeps falling out. The Bissel is almost what I want. If I could be sure the Dyson was better in all aspects, I would jump on it.

I have to agree with you on that. I did not even notice it (didn’t read the write-up) until you mentioned it. That is disrespectful of woot.

Why don’t you vacuum instead of your wife?

I bought a Factory re-conditioned Dyson DC14 back in 2008, Still going strong, Upgrading to this one and giving the old one to a family member.

Wait, why won’t this work on beaver pelts?

Get over it, folks. I did read it, and came to the comments section just to see how many people were going to whine :stuck_out_tongue:

Bought Dyson DC25 on Woot for $279.99 back in 2009. Still running like the day I bought it. 41 is a bigger number so its got to be better, Yeah?

I’ve been gone from the boards for awhile - when did woot! start selling vacuum cleaners…?

So - I see you’re quite the patriot. Have you served? Do you have family that’s served your country? Why don’t you ask those people that have lost family or friends serving this country if this is something to whine about? The flag is a symbol of our country- you got a problem with it, pack your $hit and go.