Dyson DC41 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner



bought this last time it was on woot for the same price. I’ve only used it about 3 times so far but i really like it. It’s much better than my previous 60$ bissel.

The hose part of it is pretty clever too.

I’m very content with it.


At first I was distressed at seeing yet another Dyson. Now I am planning the grand opening of my new business, VACUUMS FOR ALL.


Has anyone ever seen the DC44 digital slim on Woot? I’m thinking of getting one, but if they ever show up here I’m willing to wait it out until the next time around.


Is this an Animal DC41?


I was on amazon and the DC41 is the Animal from what I can tell. I was wondering the same thing as I have 3 animals that shed to high holy heaven.


I have the dc44 and I’m waiting for them to offer it again, so I can pick one up for our motor home. I love it, and being rechargeable for there is perfect. The only complaint others had was you needed to hold the on/off switch on, at all time…it isn’t a big deal for me. I love the convenience.


Thanks. That’s what I could tell as well. Couldn’t find another DC41 that WASN’T an animal. Worst case is that is wont come with a mini turbine head, but that can be bought separately.


I just got the DC44 and love it! But it cannot replace my big Dyson Animal, FYI.


I’m pretty sure woot hasn’t sold the DC 44 yet, but I suspect it will show up at some point. It’s relatively new (six months?) and it may take a while to generate a critical mass of returns/warranty replacements to create the refurbs. (Or maybe Dyson is protecting its market for new DC 44s?) Woot has been offering fewer Dysons lately and I don’t recall seeing the DC 35 on woot since the DC 44 was released; woot used to sell the DC 35 every few months.


Purple is the Animal but that means it has a certain bundle of accessories, which this one doesn’t have. It appears all the refurb Dyson’s come with the same accessory pack which is pretty basic, maybe 2 items.

Generally, the color denotes the different sub-model (accessory pack) while the machine itself in each model group is the same. Example, DC41 (and other models as well) Animal is purple.


I bought this a few months ago on here. I have a black lab and this thing works great. Wish I would’ve bought one sooner.


The dc35 was on here last week, I missed out I was so upset.