Dyson DC41 Bagless Vacuum - Purple

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Dyson DC41 Bagless Vacuum - Purple
Price: $279.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Reviews from Best Buy

Pretty good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at The O and sears.com


Oh man! I just paid like 489 for one of these at Costco…Dang!

I am a flooring inspector. I have been on many an inspection where the carpet has been destroyed by the vacuum. The main cause is the consumer is using a vacuum that does not go with their carpet. The biggest violator and destroyer of carpets is DYSON. The beater bars are “self-adjusting height”= all floors vacuum; unfortunately this feature does NOT work and cannot differentiate different pile heights. What happens is the beater bar is sitting too low and over-fluffs the yarns causing them to bloom in turn they loose their stability and fall causing matting. There is no repair for this and I have seen high-end carpet just a few months old worth thousands and thousands turned into basically a floor mat. Any vacuum can do this if the beater bar is not properly adjusted. The biggest offenders are the DYSON and the SHARK. Most carpet manufacturers will not honor their warranty if one of these vacuums is in the home. And speaking of the SHARK DO NOT USE ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS. I have seen the SHARK Steamer cause a tile floor to go through a thermal-clayic expansion and pop right off the floor. You can youtube these things. I recommend you go to CRI.org and put the type of carpet you have in the search engine and it will tell you the best vac for your needs. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO CHANGE THE HEIGHT SETTINGS ON YOUR VAC; no matter the type. DYSON does not have a height adjustment…you have been warned.

Is it ever possible to know just how many refurbished Dyson’s are waiting to be sold? My gosh, the number must be daunting . . .

between the fans and the vacuums im sure it’s a lot. there’s not a brand on woot with more refurbs than dyson.

Dyson only makes refurbs…they don’t make anything new.

thanks for the laugh

How does this model differ from the DC41 Animal Complete? I got 12 cats you know.

Just curious if a refurbed Dyson is reliable or is it prone to breaking down after two months?

In the market for a new vacuum, went a little cheap the first time around and got what we paid for, looking for something of a higher quality now.

The extendable hose for reaching for things like cobwebs near the ceiling is a bitch to use. It is just awful. You have been warned.

I got a refurb DC41 from Woot a year ago and it is great, could not be happier. I paid $300. Unlike every other refurb product I have ever purchased, the vacuum looked used (the canister) on arrival, but continues to work great.

The animal complete comes with a long hose for attachment work. Unlike a previous poster, I have had no problem with my hose.