Dyson DC41 Purple - Refurbished



There was a Dyson that went fairly quickly earlier, and it wasn’t even purple! Better get yours fast!


Wow another vacuum cleaner, Try adding a woot monkey to it, maybe that will help it sell.


Who’se had experience with a refurbished vacuum? I’d prefer new for that price.


Hmm, well you’d never get a new Dyson for this price, just look on Amazon and you’ll see their normal price range.


also looking for advice from someone who knows about Dyson refurbs…

this is about 1/2 the price of new, just want to make sure the vacuum won’t give us issues.


If it does, even if a part is broken in shipping, Dyson customer service is very responsive. And if you register for warranty online you stand very good odds of receiving the full warranty rather than the limited refurb one.

Have bought three (two gifts) with absolutely no issues.


I bought an Animal canister from the Dyson website on Black Friday - new - with the 5 year warrenty - for $375. Oh, and free shipping. I wonder what kind of after Christmas sales they might have…


can currently get the animal version of this on ebay refurb for about 260 with promo code CDYSON20.


Does anyone know if this is a Factory Refurb by Dyson?