Dyson DC41 Upright Ball Vacuum

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Dyson DC41 Upright Ball Vacuum
$299.99 + $5 Standard OR $22 Two-Day OR $25 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Previously Sold On 11/22/2012 for $299.99

Quite honestly, this sucks more than the batteries will.

This would be great for sucking up all those darn pine needles all over my carpet.

Dyson vacuums rock. Mine I bought in 2008 is still just as good today as it was the day I bought it.

I spent less buying one dyson for $400 in 5 years than I would have by buying a $70 vacuum every 6 months like I had in the past.

If you have pets, this is a great vacuum to have as the attachments are quite handy. Just wish the cord was a bit longer but that’s problematic with other Dyson models.

I’d be glad to know why so many of these need to be refurbished, if they’re so good?
This is a serious question; I’m moving into a new place and also - why are they not beloved of Consumer Reports? (Guess I should subscribe, but…)

They put the filter in… the ball! That’s brilliant. I wish our older model had done that.

When did you join the black on black club? this is weird to see :tongue:

I guess if you’re from Oregon then you are used to things that suck.

C’mon! I kid! I’m just bitter because Seattle has the reputation for the rain but it actually rains more in Portland.

A few months ago. It was a special moment for me… and my bank account. Currently at 108.

I second this question-- and I’m in the market for a new vacuum cleaner.

Also, is there a functional/power difference between the ball and the “regular” versions?

Vacuus Erectus…

Genus species

So… Vacuus erectus?..


Ah yes, i think i remember now. I have just been gone for a week or two so i had time to forget :tongue:

a vaccum, that is different, not

Will this arrive in time for next Christmas?

They often get returned to stores because people realize that they just spent $600 on a vacuum cleaner that they can’t afford. I see this happen rather frequently.

The difference is just the age of the model. The standard looking Dyson models are older designs, some of which they still manufacture. All the current generation are ball models.

Edit: I guess that doesn’t answer your second question. Yes, there is a difference. The motors are more powerful and more efficient, the head and brush bar designs are different, cleaning the ball vacuums is easier. The ball vacuums, being the newer models do perform better, but they’re more expensive.

Edit 2: You can check out this video, it’s a bit of a comparison between models.


If the snail is feeling feisty.

Is the square trade warranty worth it ?