Dyson DC41 Upright Ball Vacuum



I think they have the new ones of this model at Costco warehouses right now, for close to this same price.


I like getting the refurbished ones even better than the new ones, honestly.


Correction: Costco.com has this model NEW for $399, shipping included, while supplies last. I guess this deal looks good or not, depending on how you feel about refurbed vacuums.


Curious: why? do you think there’s more quality control for the refurbs?


I got a DC14 refurb awhile back from woot and have had no problems with it, it’s been amazing!


Generally the original machines are produced overseas, but the refurbishment is done in the US. I have had zero problems with my refurbed Dysons.


I owned one of the first Dyson’s which I bought refurbished on Woot. I didn’t have any problems with it. Several years later, I boubht another refurbished Dyson and it was terrible. I couldn’t “return” it and couldn’t get it repaired–there was something creating a very loud noise every time I pulled the handle down to vacuum. I gave it to my brother in law, who fixed it. I’m in need of a new vacuum once again, and I’m tempted but reluctant. With all the money I’ve spent on vacuums in the last few years, I could have a brand new Miele.


I must admit I did buy mine from licensed Dyson resellers and they offered better warranties than this one comes with.


I bought a DC25 from a certified reseller on E-bay and got a 3 year warranty for no additional cost. The first six months was covered by Dyson and after that the reseller covered it.


Is this the same one as this one?


Hope it’s a great vacuum! I bit the bullet and purchased one!


Grats, I just missed it, went through payment and was denied at the end. :confused: