Dyson DC56 Handheld Vacuum - White

Dyson DC56 Handheld Vacuum - White
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Perfect reviews at Overstock

Very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at Rakuten.com

Is this just a glorified dust buster with dyson power?

Is there any floor cleaning attachment for this that can be purchased?

yes. try amazon

So you’re thinking that Amazon might have some?


Bought this the last go around. It works perfectly and is very strong and versatile. I will say it is very obviously refurbished with clear signs of use and lots of wear on the handle and scratches on the outer housing.

No charger / wall mount bracket?

I don’t think it’s cordless.

A lithium ion battery is mentioned in the description. I’d also like to know if a charger is included.

Yes, BUT Dyson power makes all the difference. You want a vacuum that can really suck, and Dysons do.

Dyson doesn’t make any vacuums this size that are corded.

Are most Dyson attachments and batteries interchangeable? I’d have to check when I get home which model number I have, but it’s dark gray and blue/purple. Looks similar to this with a floor mount and charging stand.

What’s great about this is that if you have or buy a DC59 or V6 Dyson cordless vacuum, its wand and all attachments are interchangeable with this DC56.

I absolutely love the DC59 and V6 cordless vacs (they’re really the same; it’s just that the V6 is rebranded), but one big drawback is that when fully charged they only run about 6 minutes on max power and 20 minutes on non-max power. So what are you going to do, wait three hours between bouts of vacuuming if you can’t get it all done on the first charge? Spend hundreds of dollars so that you have more than one?

What you can do instead is to buy a DC59 or V6 (plenty of refurbs on Amazon Warehouse Deals and fairly frequently here on Woot if you don’t want to pay full price), and then buy one of these DC56 machines. Voila. You now effectively have two full-size Dyson cordless vacuums at a lot lower price.

This really does require an answer. It seems unlikely that it would be sold without a way to recharge it, but it seems like chargers are usually listed amongst the specs.

FANTASTIC PRODUCT!!! We’ve owned 3 Dyson handheld vacs & they have all been great for our general house use with young age boys & a dog. They’re great for quickly cleaning the car & Odyssey as the DC56 has great power for getting anything you need cleaned up. It does come with a wide attachment along with the narrow attachment for convenient use. I bought 3 last go around as the price for it was the same as a replacement battery on Amazon.com so it made sense to replace the old one. Only thing is you’ll want to conserve max use as the battery drains quickly in this mode & the inlet for debris is a little small so you’ll need to use a larger vac for bigger pieces of debris. By far & away the best handheld vac in the industry!!! TB.

Charger included, yes.