Dyson DC56 Handheld Vacuum - White

So, … it’s “in the box”, then…

I have a full size DC28 that is broken (brush roll won’t spin). I got a hard floor tool with it. Can I use the extension tool and hard floor tool from the DC28 to attach to this to make it handheld floor vac like the DC59/V6?

no charger, no sale.

not sseeing a charger included “in the box” even though it’s been mentioned here…

I was surprised to find that the refurb only has a 6 month warranty according to the Dyson person I talked to. Even though a 2 year limited warranty was included in the package. Anybody else experience this switch in coverage?

6 months is the standard warranty on all Dyson Factory Reconditioned items.

Has anyone tried using the pet groomer attachment on one of these? My dogs love it but this looks easier to manage without hose and upright.

Also, how much time do you get on one charge?