Dyson DC56 Handheld Vacuum - White

Ok, I know that this particular model does not come with the stick and motorized head, but if purchased separately would they be compatible with this model. In other words can I attach a stick with a motorized head to it? Does it have the wiring for it? Anybody knows?

I believe the stick heads are air driven.

As far as compatibility, best check the Dyson site or with Dyson directly.

No. The head on the sticks that come with these types of Dyson handhelds are motor driven. There are two or three contacts where the stick joins the body of the vacuum.

It appears it does not work with the motorized heads and this does not come with a wall mount as far as I can tell.

Right. . .the problem is that I always remember to do these things right around this time, 10:30 - 11:00 pm. On their website this model, the DC56, comes with the stick and the motorized head. I’ll get one for my mom . . . she’ll stick to the broom and dustpan anyway