Dyson DC59 Motorhead (2 Colors)

What attachments does this come with? All it has listed is “Combination Accessory Tool” as the attachment, what about the motorized floor tool? Crevice tool? Any other attachments???

Please advise!

the red picture is DC44, not DC59.
if it comes without mini motorized tool, there are better deals on ebay.

Does this have the motor driven head?

It’s the first line of the itemdescription, but judging from the “may not ship with all accessories” comment, it sounds like it you aren’t including it.

What’s the difference between the DC59 and the V6 from Amazon? I can’t find if they are in fact the same models or just the production year changed but everything remained the same.

Waiting to hear Woot’s answer about whether the floor tool is included before I place my order.

Me too.

Sorry 'bout the weird spam, guys. Still waiting on confirmation from the buyer on which attachments are or are not included.

I bit.
If the motorized head isn’t there then they’ve lost a customer.